Criminal Minds’ Matthew Gray Gubler And More Pay Tribute After Longtime Producer Harry Bring Dies

Criminal Minds' Matthew Gray Gubler, Kirsten Vangsness And Joe Mantegna

News broke recently that longtime Criminal Minds producer Harry Bring had died at the age of 77. His son, Brad Bring, mentioned his father had faced a long battle with cancer and had “kicked its ass” for years. After he broke the news online, some of Bring’s co-workers on the popular former CBS series, including Matthew Gray Gubler, Kirsten Vangsness and more also paid tribute to the late producer.

Matthew Gray Gubler is often experimenting with different ways of interacting with his fanbase. Of late, he’s been communicating via picture messages with Criminal Minds fans, and after learning about the Harry Bring news, he shared a special post.

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He wasn’t the only former star from the procedural to share their feelings about the late producer. Kirsten Vangsness, who played the emotional-but-loveable Penelope Garcia, also fitting shared her thoughts about her work with Bring, noting on Twitter:

The best boss you could ever hope for was [Bring]. He was smart, kind and weird & a true community player. As I look his texts to me were pics of pandas, his grandchildren or joyful CM moments. I’m so sad because he’s so loved.

She also mentioned the longtime producer “loved the limelight,” sharing a personal image from a Criminal Minds-related holiday event she’d taken with the late producer before the show ended its run on CBS.

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Longtime C-Minds star Joe Mantegna also paid tribute after the news broke that Harry Bring had passed away, sharing,

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If you are a Criminal Minds fan on Twitter, you may already know that Harry Bring was a lot of the glue holding the fandom together. His delightful posts ranged from humorous comments to stories about his family, and of course, he always liked to keep the Criminal Minds fanbase abreast of what was going on with the well-liked series.

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In a separate post, Joe Mantegna’s daughter Gia Mantegna, an actress known for The Middle, also noted loving Harry Bring’s updates about his life and about Criminal Minds, noting his posts “always made [her] smile.” Bring’s son Brad also mentioned in his own tribute that beyond his work, which also included producing work on popular shows such as Army Wives and The X-Files, Harry Bring was a loving father and always came to his games growing up even when he was working long hours and was tired from that work. He was a man who loved his family and who loved USC, the SF Giants, and the Rams, with Brad Bring noting he “embodied the Fight ON spirit of the Trojans.”

The producer lived long enough through his battle with cancer to see Criminal Minds air its final episode on February 19, 2020. Over the past few days, news also broke that CBS is looking to reboot the franchise for its Paramount+ streaming service.

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