How The Flash Will Include John Diggle’s Arrow Ending In Season 7

David Ramsey as John Diggle.

When The CW’s flagship Arrowverse series, Arrow, ended early last year, one character’s story seemed like it was just beginning. As John Diggle (David Ramsey) was getting ready to leave Star City for a new life in Metropolis, a meteor came crashing down and Diggle found a box, which had a bright green light when it was opened, indicating that a new adventure might await him as DC’s own Green Lantern. The Flash showrunner has an idea of how that story may continue on, post-Arrow.

Ahead of Season 7 of The Flash premiering on The CW next week, showrunner Eric Wallace talked to TVLine about the upcoming season, even teasing what’s to come for the former Arrow character. When asked what the show’s plans for Dig are, Wallace teases that it’s a spoiler, before continuing that he arrives in Central City to help Team Flash while carrying the weight of his problem. Wallace explained:

When we last saw Diggle, he had a situation at the end of Arrow that he needed to deal with, so he arrives to help Team Flash in the back half of the season carrying the weight of that ‘problem.’ And the question is: How can he help Team Flash when he’s got something even bigger on his mind? And that’s what the story is.

Diggle’s destiny as the Green Lantern has been teased over the years, and fans were more than excited when destiny finally struck him in the Arrow series finale. It was a question of whether or not he would be getting his own show on The CW, but he’s made appearances throughout The Flash after Arrow ended, and it seems like that will continue on in the upcoming seventh season of the series based on the Scarlet Speedster.

Last year, Arrow’s executive producer, Marc Guggenheim, addressed the reveal, saying that the idea was something they’d been planning for a while. And, like with most series finales, the goal was to give the characters a plan post-series, with Diggle’s being the most intriguing. Although Guggenheim went on to say they didn’t know much about Diggle’s future as the superhero, it seems like things have changed in the last year.

First appearing in 1940, the Green Lanterns fight evil with the aid of rings that grant them a variety of extraordinary powers, all of which come from imagination and/or emotions. If John Diggle’s destiny as the Green Lantern continues, this would be the first time the superhero has made an appearance in the Arrowverse. Exactly how The Flash will continue that storyline has yet to be fully seen, but fans will be able to find out soon when the series returns for Season 7, next Tuesday at 8 p.m. ET/PT on The CW.

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