Ashley Tisdale Celebrated Her High School Musical Reunion With Vanessa Hudgens With A Sweet Photo

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One of the least exciting things about growing older is falling out of touch with friends and loved ones from not being able to hang out with them as often and as easily as one would like. Naturally, the pandemic has only made such problems even more glaringly apparent, but it didn't stop BFFs and High School Musical franchise co-stars Ashley Tisdale and Vanessa Hudgens from recently finding a way to reunite for a quick visit after a nine-month span away from one another.

Thankfully, fans weren't forced to merely imagine what it would be like for Ashley Tisdale and Vanessa Hudgens to hang out again, as there is photographic evidence! Taking to Instagram, the very pregnant Tisdale shared a silly and sweet pic of herself and Hudgeons, masked up and clearly amused.

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Ever since they first met each other as co-stars for Disney's High School Musical films, Ashley Tisdale and Vanessa Hudgens have been as thick as thieves, and they're known for doing all kinds of things together, from getting fans hyped with social media shares like the one above to appearing on non-HSM TV projects together. (Such as the Disney Family Singalong special, even though their bit was specifically tied to High School Musical.) So even though the actresses technically aren't doing anything particularly noteworthy in the image, their happiness over seeing each other again is what truly counts.

While Tisdale doesn't specify exactly why they were apart for a nine-month gap, it can be assumed that their personal lives and careers had something to do with it. On her end, Tisdale spent part of 2020 filming the top-secret first season of The Masked Dancer, which just wrapped up airing those episodes in mid-February. After having unfortunately said goodbye to the short-lived CBS comedy Carol's Second Act in early 2020, she was also showcased for an installment of Disney's biographical series _Becoming. _

Of course, Ashley Tisdale is also pregnant for husband Christopher French, who only just recently watched High School Musical for the first time. She first announced the big news on social media in September 2020, not long after she made the choice to remove her breast implants, so this was (perhaps obviously) the first time that Vanessa Hudgens was able to hug her friend while the former was expecting.

On the flip side, Vanessa Hudgens spent recent months in Scotland filming the third entry in Netflix's The Princess Switch series, which only very recently finished production. She's also working with Netflix for a voice role in the upcoming horror anime Army of the Dead: Lost Vegas, which is a spinoff of Zack Snyder's upcoming non-Justice League feature. (She's not in the live-action version.) Hudgeons also filmed tick, tick...Boom!, which is the directorial debut of fellow musical expert Lin Manuel Miranda.

Here's hoping the rest of Ashley Tisdale's pregnancy goes smoothly, and that whenever she's able to safely and confidently get back to work, she can give Vanessa Hudgens a call to see if she wants to team up. Or even just take more Instagram pics showing off their dog's name via bejeweled masks, that works, too.

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