Vanessa Hudgens Just Took A Break From Filming Netflix's Princess Switch 3 To Rock A Bathing Suit In The Snow

Vanessa Hudgens in The Princess Switch

Just following the success of Netflix’s Princess Switch sequel, Vanessa Hudgens has already got back to work on the franchise for the third movie in the series. The High School Musical star is off in Scotland playing the lookalikes in a sure-to-be magical holiday movie for streaming. And the actress is making the most of her time outside Los Angeles to bring a little California to the country’s snowy weather.

The actress took to Instagram to share her beach… err snow bod with a cute pose of herself in swimwear. Check it out:

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Vanessa Hudgens chilled out with a low cut bathing suit, some neon green snow boots and a long-padded coat perfect for the snow. Hey, when you’re Vanessa Hudgens, why wait for the summer months to flaunt what you got? The Disney Channel alum shared she was inspired by swimsuit model Jasmine Sanders to create the look. Sanders reacted to the look by saying "Yasssss ma’am!!’ You better show it off!"

For the past few weeks, Vanessa Hudgens has been taking fans along with her to her Scotland getaway, and of course she has a ton of fun fashion looks. Though, she did receive a lot of flak online for posting about all her touristy whereabouts during a pandemic. The country is suffering a lockdown just like her main base in Los Angeles, and lots of fans were not happy to see her roaming its hot spots. On the other hand, some fans did come to her defense to share that she is mandated to be there for work and she seems to be remaining socially distant.

Vanessa Hudgens is an active gal who usually goes for a quite intense regiment of six workouts of a week that range from pilates, ballet, cross-training, SoulCycle and yoga. With the pandemic slowing down group workouts, the actress surely has to find other ways to stay on her workouts, and that may include getting some major outdoor time. Though I don’t imagine she spent very long lounging in that bathing suit in the freezing cold.

Vanessa Hudgens' return to the Princess Switch movies comes after wrapping her work on a musical directed by Lin-Manuel Miranda called Tick, Tick… Boom. She shot the film starring Andrew Garfield in New York under pandemic precautions, and called her time with the Hamilton creator as “adorable.” The actress puts a lot of work into her Princess Switch movies, having to be present in every scene since she plays a lot of characters. She’s described the process as “very confusing” and “time consuming.” No wonder she’s taking some time to enjoy the outdoors when she can.

We’d imagine Princess Switch 3 will be ready in time for Christmas, but an official release has yet to be named. One thing she’s made clear is she will not be playing more than three characters for the third installment!

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