One Enjoyable Difference Between Elizabeth Tulloch's Superman And Lois Character And Grimm's Juliette

Elizabeth Tulloch in Superman and Lois
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When an actor or actress play multiple household-name characters throughout their careers, it’s hard to not compare the roles, weigh the pros and cons between them. Before becoming was the Arrowverse’s Lois Lane, Superman and Lois' Elizabeth Tulloch played Juliette Silverton in NBC’s Grimm for all six seasons. While both are strong lead characters, Tulloch has weighed in on a big difference between Lois and Juliette, and why it’s so important to her.

While speaking to TVLine, Elizabeth Tulloch mentioned the one thing that is different between Superman's better half and Grimm's Juliette is that Lois is very keenly in the know regarding narrative details and superpowered secrets, while Juliette was often on the outside looking in. Tulloch is clearly happy to now be playing a character who knows everything she needs to. Tulloch explained:

It just felt very passive for Juliette until she found out. As Lois, I’ve always known, so there’s more to do. When someone doesn’t know the secret, it creates this damsel in distress who’s unaware and kind of naive. I’m very happy we’re playing a version of this where she knows exactly what’s going on and they have no secrets from each other. They still have secrets from other people, just not each other.

Elizabeth Tulloch’s Juliette was the girlfriend of Nick Burkhardt, the titular Grimm in the show of the same name. He kept hidden the secret of who he really was: a descendant from a line of hunters who fight supernatural forces. After an accident, Juliette demanded Nick tell her what was really happening, but before he had the chance to, she fell into a coma, with half of her memories being erased by Nick when she eventually awoke. After she ultimately regained her memories of Nick, she discovered the truth about the Grimms, soon becoming interested and joining Nick and his allies in fighting zombies and more. Just imagine how much more she could have helped if Juliette had just been clued in on everything from the get-go.

Lois Lane, on the other hand, knew relatively early on that Tyler Hoechlin's Clark Kent was Superman. Once Clark knew that Lois was the one, he confessed to her his Kryptonian origins, and Lois was there for it every step of the way. Now that it's become a full-on family issue, Lois' life is obviously more complicated, but she's all the better for it by not having key information withheld from her.

But for all their differences, one of the biggest similarities between Juliette and Lois is that once they each found out their significant other's big secret, regardless of how late or how early, both women were there for their loved ones, helping them and being there for them both emotionally and physically.

It wasn’t long after Grimm ended that Elizabeth Tulloch signed on to play Lois Lane, bringing new life to a character that has only become more important over time. Playing a character that is the opposite of one she'd recently played for years must have been refreshing for Tulloch, and a way to get a different perspective regarding shaping her performances based on big secrets. What isn't a secret, however, is that Superman & Lois airs Tuesdays at 9:00 p.m. ET on The CW.

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