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Why 90 Day Fiance's Angela Deem Decided To Get Weight-Loss Surgery

It's been an open secret for months now that 90 Day Fiancé star Angela Deem had lost a lot of weight, and now the details behind that somewhat sudden life change have come out. Deem recently revealed that she had a few surgeries as of late and is now down 90 pounds from her previous weight.

As for what surgeries specifically Angela went under the knife for, she told Us Weekly she had gastric sleeve reduction, liposuction on her back, and she had a breast reduction back in August. Deem spoke about her surgeries and brought up 32-year-old Nigerian husband Michael Ilesanmi in discussing her main motivation for getting the work done at the age of 55, saying:

I’ve always wanted to enhance my look for Michael because of his age, but this journey — people need to know — I felt like I would have died without the weight-loss surgery. I worried, if I don’t get on the table, I’m gonna die.

Angela Deem wanted to do the surgeries for her health, and apparently, for her husband's sake as well. Fans may remember, though, that during the 90 Day Fiancé: Happily Ever After? tell-all, Deem and Ilesanmi had a fight over her wanting cosmetic surgery. He stated at the time that he didn't believe his wife needed any type of surgery, and that she looked beautiful the way she was, while Deem mentioned concerns for her health. Obviously they weren't on the same page in that respect at the time.

One thing Angela Deem didn't mention in her weight loss interview was her desire to have children, which was a big part of the couple's storyline in their latest 90 Day season. Of course, that was before Deem discovered she couldn't have any more children, although she didn't really care to anyway at her age. Ilesanmi was upset with this development, especially after she forbade him from taking a second wife to sire a child outside of their relationship.

Obviously, a lot can change in a year's time, so maybe Michael Ilesanmi was more understanding of Angela Deem's reasons for surgery in the months that followed the tell-all. That being said, it's not like he could tell her what to do with her body, especially since he's in Nigeria and still unable to obtain a visa to live in the United States. Deem was never really in the business of having her husband ordering her around anyway, so it's possible his thoughts on such surgical procedures never factored into her decisions to begin with.

Angela Deem had a rough three-month recovery time after the surgery and talked about the physical and emotional journey involved post-op. With that said, she confirmed the results have been worth it and that she will continue her weight-loss journey in the months to come. There have been whispers of Deem participating in her own spinoff, though she didn't mention anything of that nature in her latest interview.

90 Day Fiancé Season 8 airs on TLC Sundays at 8:00 p.m. ET. The season is rapidly winding down, though anyone in need of more franchise content should head over to Discovery+ which is rife with spinoffs at the moment.

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