Amazon's Jack Reacher TV Show: An Updated Cast List

alan ritchson as young scully in brooklyn nine-nine

As hard as it is to believe, the plan to bring Lee Child's iconic Jack Reacher to TV viewers first began in earnest back in 2018, and the casting process is only just starting to ramp up in early 2021. Thankfully, that means fans almost definitely won't be waiting another three years to see the beloved character popping up on Amazon Prime Video's Reacher. After all, there's only so many times one can watch the pair of Tom Cruise movies before the necessity for new live-action fare completely takes over.

Below, we're keeping an updated roundup of all the big Reacher cast members that have been announced for Season 1, with the prospect of follow-up seasons featuring different ensembles to match the one-book-per-season adaptation plans. (The first batch of episodes will focus on Lee Child's 1997 novel Killing Floor.) So be sure to bookmark the page and check back for more updates soon. But let's kick things off with the new and bigger, if not necessarily faster and stronger, Jack Reacher himself.

alan ritchson's hank hawk in titans season 2

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Alan Ritchson (Jack Reacher)

For the marquee role of the military cop/private investigator/all-around badass Jack Reacher – not to be confused with that other Jack show on Amazon – Amazon and Paramount landed actor Alan Ritchson, who definitely knows something about bringing fictional heroes to life on TV. Before landing a breakout role on the comedy Blue Mountain State, Ritchson portrayed Arthur "Aquaman" Curry on Smallville, and later joined a larger team of heroes for DC Universe/HBO Max's Titans, on which he still plays Hank "Hawk" Hall going into the upcoming third season. Ritchson was brought into the Jack Reacher cast in September 2020, so he's already had quite a bit of time to figure out his approach to the part, and fans no doubt hope it pays off in the final product.

willa fitzgerald in USA's dare me

Willa Fitzgerald (Roscoe Conklin)

Along with memorable roles in such shows as Royal Pains and PBS' 2017 Little Women adaptation, Willa Fitzgerald is arguably best known for heading up MTV's Scream reboot and USA's 2020 thriller Dare Me. But it's certainly possible her role in Reacher will eclipse everything that came before. In the new show, she'll be playing the character from the novel named Roscoe Conklin (who may or may not have been named after the 19th century politician Roscoe Conkling). FItzgerald's Roscoe is a born-and-raised resident of the show's setting, Margrave, Georgia, where she is a brainy and confident police officer who doesn't get intimidated very easily. Or at all.

malcolm goodwin on izombie

Malcolm Goodwin (Oscar Finlay)

Actor and burgeoning filmmaker Malcolm Goodwin spent five seasons as the practical-minded Seattle detective Clive Babineaux, and he'll be taking on another fictional law enforcement gig for Reacher. In the new project, Goodwin will take on the book character of Oscar Finlay, a recent recruit to the Margrave Police Department. The situation possibly isn't ideal for Oscar, who grew up in the North and boasts a Harvard education to go along with his distinct style.

chris webster in turn: washington's spies

Chris Webster (KJ)

British actor Chris Webster was recently a prime antagonist for Liam Hemsworth's Quibi thriller Most Dangerous Game, and it definitely sounds like his next streaming TV character will feature similarly questionable morals. In Reacher, Webster will play a character named KJ the son of Margrave benefactor and self-made businessman Kliner. Because of his father's power, KJ works under the belief that the town and its citizens are his property, especially Roscoe. I think we can all expect for that to go badly for KJ, though possibly not before Roscoe suffers a setback or two.

For now, those are the only central castings that have been announced for Amazon Prime Video's Reacher, which is set to debut on the streaming service either in late 2021 or early 2022, depending on how the filming process goes. Once again, remember to check back for more updates as new cast members are added.

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