The Rookie Fans Are Getting A Fun Bradford And Lopez Storyline When Season 3 Returns

Eric Winter as Tim Bradford and Alyssa Diaz as Angela Lopez on The Rookie.

It’s been a long wait but ABC’s cop procedural The Rookie is finally back this Sunday after a month-long hiatus. When the series returns, two characters will be getting a pretty fun storyline, according to showrunner Alexi Hawley.

When Season 3 began, Alyssa Diaz’s Angela Lopez was just starting out as a detective, meaning she would no longer be a T.O. and would be spending less time with her police coworkers. However, after getting engaged to defense lawyer Wesley (Shawn Ashmore) towards the end of Season 2 and now with the two expecting a baby, Lopez is looking forward to the future, especially the wedding. Alexi Hawley told TVLine that when Season 3 returns, fans can expect a fun storyline between budding friends and coworkers Lopez and Tim Bradford (Eric Winter):

We’re starting a fun storyline in a few episodes where Lopez asks Tim to be her ‘Man of Honor’ — to use his take no prisoners style to help her navigate all her family drama, and make sure she gets the wedding she wants. It’s cute, and so on brand with the hard candy shell/soft gooey center that is Bradford.

When The Rookie first started, Bradford was overbearing and not really one to make any friends. He was tough as nails but his relationship with rookie Lucy Chen (Melissa O’Neil) quickly softened him. Fans have been able to see a sweeter side to Bradford lately, whether it’d be by his overprotectiveness or his behavior towards his friends and coworkers. While Bradford is still that overbearing cop fans first met in the pilot, he definitely has a soft side. It will also be nice to get a storyline with him and Lopez seeing that the two don’t get to work as often together anymore now that Lopez is a detective.

It’ll be interesting to see Bradford and Lopez’s dynamic while Lopez is getting ready for her wedding. But this also raises the question of what Bradford will be to her and Wesley’s baby when it’s born. Could it be possible that Bradford will be Uncle Tim when Baby Evers is born? It’s always nice seeing Bradford as a big softy, as he tries to hide it behind his macho façade.

The most recent episode of The Rookie involved Frankie Muniz portraying a role that is eerily similar to his life, minus one big aspect. He played a former child star-turned cult leader and the episode was told in a documentary format for half the time. Seeing the different directions the show is going is keeping the series fresh. Whatever happens in the back half of Season 3 will be for the better and with the way the show is going and has been going this season already, you won’t want to miss any episodes.

The Rookie Season 3 returns this Sunday, March 28 at 10 p.m. ET on ABC!

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