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Wheel Of Fortune's Pat Sajak Accidentally Got A Little Naughty With One Contestant

Wheel of Fortune's Pat Sajak

Wheel of Fortune has been a game show staple on television for over 45 years now, and with Pat Sajak having hosted the game show for 38 of those years, he and Vanna White have basically become synonymous with it. At this point, Sajak is an old pro at the hosting game and he absolutely knows what he is doing, even though things have been getting kinda strange as of late. As new generations create fresh slang, words and even letters take on new meanings, leading us to the hilarious moment where Sajak accidentally took things to NSFW-lite waters after one Wheel of Fortune contestant made a certain request.

One Twitter user shared a video of an episode of Wheel of Fortune that shows a contestant asking for the letter D, which is hardly a rarity on the show. But it's Pat Sajak’s response that has been taken hilariously out of context by some from the younger generations. Check out the Twitter post below in all its glory:

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In response to the contestant's request for a “D”, Pat Sajak says “She wants a D, and she’s going to get one.” While the intent is probably innocent enough on his behalf, some fans who watched the episode and/or the social media clip totally have their minds in the gutter, joking that Sajak is referring to his naughty bits. But I mean, it’s not like Sajak said “She wants the D,” right?

It’s very possible, and even likely, that Pat Sajak just didn’t know that what he was saying could be misconstrued in a sexual manner. Sajak is of a certain generation that doesn't always care to keep up with how latter-day slang is being slung. (This is the same guy who said "lift the ceiling" instead of "raise the roof.") Even so, one commenter on the Twitter post joked that a seasoned vet like Sajak knew what was happening.

Pat Sajak is a very intelligent man.. He knew exactly what he was saying here lol

Other commenters, though, have very different opinions. While some find the clip to be funny in general, others are somewhat vilifying anyone finding humor in the clip. There are plenty of commenters insulting others for having their minds in the gutter by taking Sajak’s words and turning them into sexual innuendo. Others are simply saying the pandemic is leaving people with too much time on their hands. But you just know he wouldn't have made that verbal choice during the celebrity-filled episodes.

While most people are quickly dismissing the clip as funny or even meaningless, some fans have gotten a little heated in defense of Pat Sajak. While these people are in the minority, there are some who have taken sexually suggestive comments to be a personal attack on Sajak, saying that people are trying to “cancel” him and they are not happy about it.

While cancel culture is obviously a hot-button issue right now for one reason or another, Pat Sajak doesn’t seem to have much to worry about, especially over an accidental naughty innuendo. He’s been doing the same job with the same level of professionalism for over 4 decades with only a small amount of backlash, and nothing to do with any sexual implications. In fact, many would agree that Sajak invokes largely joyful feelings in viewers and contestants while giving away major sums of money. At least during Wheel of Fortune episodes, if not in real life.