Wheel Of Fortune Is Getting A Spinoff At ABC But With A New Twist

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Games shows have been around for a while, but it seems like they’re experiencing a bit of a renaissance, with veterans like Family Feud and The Price is Right still bringing in strong ratings. We’re also seeing a resurgence when it comes to classics. Wheel of Fortune is one of the shows that has stayed relatively consistent when it comes to its ratings and overall format. Now, ABC is giving the show a spinoff, but this new series will have a bit of a twist.

ABC has officially given a series order to Celebrity Wheel of Fortune. According to Deadline, veteran hosts Pat Sajak and Vanna White will maintain their hosting duties for the new program. However, this time around, celebrities will be spinning that iconic wheel and vying to win cash and prizes. The new show will also mark the primetime debut of Wheel of Fortune.

As the trade points out, Wheel of Fortune isn’t the first daytime game show to take on a celebrity-centric companion series. Just recently, The Price is Right at Night did this very thing, and Let’s Make A Deal has also set the wheels in motion for a celebrity spinoff. Family Feud has also utilized celebrity editions, which have proven to be pretty entertaining.

The prospect of a Celebrity Wheel of Fortune is sure to be exciting for viewers. Game show enthusiasts have proven to be very entertained by celebrities attempting to compete on live TV. What’s even more fun to see is that celebs appear to have a great time appearing on the shows, as many of them are legitimate fans as well.

Celebrity Wheel of Fortune and the aforementioned shows are all examples of a larger celebrity trend that has permeated the game show genre within the last several. Today, many game shows, and even reality competition series, are fueled by star power. For instance, ABC recently resurrected Supermarket Sweep, with SNL alum Leslie Jones as host. Jane Lynch also just took on hosting duties for NBC’s The Weakest Link.

It’ll be interesting to see who Celebrity Wheel of Fortune gets to compete on the show. The pool of talent is very large now, and there are plenty of potential participants. Comedians may make for some of the most entertaining contestants, but you never know who may end up surprising you with their competitive nature.

As of right now, ABC has not reported a premiere date for Celebrity Wheel of Fortune, which isn’t too surprising given that the show just got the series order. Still, it shouldn’t take too long to bring the show before the cameras, and fans are sure to be waiting eagerly for it.

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