Why Letterkenny's K Trevor Wilson Has Had Enough Of 'The Butt Stuff'

K. Trevor Wilson and Lily Gao in Letterkenny

When you become a celebrity, it's inevitable that some things are bound to change, such as your interactions with the everyday public and the types of quotes that you may have shouted at you. Back in the old days, you had to physically see celebrities out in the wild to praise or accost them. With how easy it is to find and even insult celebrities via social media, all that has changed. K. Trevor Wilson, who plays Squirrely Dan on the popular Crave TV show Letterkenny, discovered this in an alarming fashion. In fact, he finally had to request that fans stop quoting one particular bit that his character has become well known for on the show.

Compared to the majority of the characters on Letterkenny, Dan has some of the tamest popular lines on the show. So, I was surprised to find out that actor K. Trevor Wilson finally had to ask fans to stop quoting one conversation that took place over a friendly game of catch. Once he brought up the specific subject matter and mentioned that not only is he getting annoyed, but his fiancée is also being pulled into the heckling, it all made a lot more sense. I sat down with a few Letterkenny cast members to discuss some of my favorite quotes and to praise the fast-talking, hilariously obscene dialogue in Season 9 when Wilson revealed that it's not always a barrel of laughs when those lines reach you in the real world.

The butt stuff has plagued me. In fact, I several times asked the internet to stop making comments about the butt stuff when I post about me and my fiancée. There are just... I understand it's funny on the show, but we've got to remember that in real life, you don't talk about butt stuff with the general public. That is for your closest friends during a game of catch and your most intimate partner. You don't ask about butt stuff on the interwebs.

K. Trevor recently even took his message a step further on social media, sharing his frustrations with his followers. You can see his tweet and how serious he is about the matter in his last sentence:

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Now, to be fair (to be faaaaiiiiirrr) the whole scene is very memorable and easily quotable. But it's easy to see how having strangers comment about your characters' sex life could ruin the mood in your real life. I think it's time we give these nice people a break.

After this revelation, I decided to dig a little deeper into the writing room process to find out more. Letterkenny is clearly one of the funniest shows out there. But if what we get to see on the show is already so ridiculous, what other comedic genius is getting left on the cutting room floor for going too far? Wondering what obscenities could potentially be getting tweeted to the cast, I asked director, writer, and actor Jacob Tierney, who plays Glen, if there were ever any lines that were simply too over the top to keep in the script:

We definitely brought things to the table that were so outlandish that I had to be like, ‘Lisa (Gail), I'm very sorry, but my ears cannot hear that’. She's the dirtiest, filthiest member of the cast. I finally said it. The secret's out and I feel better.

After that big Season 8 cliffhanger, Season 9 is now available for streaming on Hulu. The show may not be for everyone, but if you're looking to introduce someone for the first time, we've compiled a list of the best episodes of the series, which is a great place to start. If you're already caught up on the show, I'd suggest checking out these hilarious Letterkenny bloopers, which truly show that if you love what you do, you'll never work a day in your life.

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