While Filming Amazon Series, Chris Pratt Pays Tribute To Real-Life Navy SEALS On Set

Chris Pratt

Since his breakout role as the daft but lovable Andy Dwyer on Parks and Rec, Chris Pratt has hit it big and left the TV world in favor of big budget films, the most notable of which are the Marvel films that include his Star-Lord character Peter Quill. That’s all about to change, though, as Pratt has a new Amazon Prime series on the way called The Terminal List, where the Guardians of the Galaxy actor plays a Navy SEAL who returns home after a mission gone wrong. Pratt shared a look at the filming of the series by paying tribute to real-life Navy SEALS, who he worked with on set.

The Terminal List has used real Navy SEALS and the family of Navy SEALS in the process of creating the series, and Chris Pratt shares a lovely tribute to those individuals. Pratt recently posted a photo of himself and a number of men in combat uniforms to his Instagram, saying he is honored to have worked with them on The Terminal List and that the majority of them are real-life Navy SEALS. Here it is in his own words:

Our world balances between light and dark. And though it feels precarious, it was created that way. We are called, each of us, to be of some service- to be light. Few answer the call. And fewer yet to the degree of the Warfare Special Operator. It has been my great honor to work alongside the men in this photo. Many of whom are actual Navy Seals. As far as men go, it is my opinion there are none equal to the SEAL. I’m trying my hardest to portray James Reece in a believable way. With enough smoke and mirrors and technical advice from the men who’ve lived it, we’ll fake it just enough to tell the incredible story.

These words come after a quote from a novel by Anton Myrer called Once an Eagle, which is a favorite of many American military men and women and actually required reading for some military programs. Chris Pratt clearly has a great respect for his country’s military and the excerpt he included in his post may just be another nod toward the people he is paying homage to as words that resonate and are familiar to them. You can check out his full post below:

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You can see Chris Pratt standing in the center of all the men he is speaking so highly of, and Pratt is also at the center of the project. Not only is he starring in the series, but he actually had quite a bit to do with its creation. It was Pratt who bought the rights of ex-Navy SEAL Jack Carr’s best-selling novel of the same name to bring the Terminal List story to our screens.

The Terminal List is clearly a project that Chris Pratt has great respect for and drive to see come to light in a realistic way. The series is currently in production and not much has been released, so there is not currently a release date. If we take Pratt’s post to heart though, we can expect the meaningful tribute to stand solid behind a fantastic film.

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