That Time Jamie Foxx Got Snoop Dogg To Intimidate His Daughter's New Boyfriend

Snoop Dogg in The Black Godfather.

Having your children growing up and going out on dates is scary for any parent, no matter how famous. While promoting his new show, actor Jamie Foxx has revealed a sure-fire way to intimidate his daughter’s new boyfriend, and anyone would be afraid. Namely because it involves intimidation coming from the one and only Snoopy Dogg.

Jamie Foxx’s newest Netflix show Dad Stop Embarrassing Me follows a single dad as he tries to figure out fatherhood after his teenage daughter moves in. Foxx spoke to E! News’ Daily Pop about the new series, which he’s executive producing alongside his 27-year-old daughter. Like most parents, he isn’t afraid to embarrass his daughters and even transformed into “a private eye” and revealed that Snoop Dogg has been used to unnerve his daughter’s suitors. In his words,

Snoop [Dogg] was actually at my house. So, she brings the guy by to the crib and I say, ‘Yo, Snoop, there he is right there. Shake him up.’

Afterwards, the suitor apparently took the intimidation pretty well, which impressed Jamie Foxx. Like any other dad, the actor simply wants to make sure that whoever is dating his daughter should be the right one and that they know who to come to for help:

They have to know that if something is going wrong that, hey, something might come to you. Daughters are special, man…As a father, you want that person who is dating your daughter to know that there quite possibly [could] be a chance that they won’t survive life.

Jamie Foxx’s new Netflix gig marks his first scripted TV show in 20 years. He left full time scripted television gigs behind in 2001 to pursue a movie career, which has obviously been very successful. The comedy is even based on Foxx’s relationship with daughter Corinne, and focuses on their father/daughter bond.

Before Jamie Foxx was a movie star, he was a TV star. He got his start on the sketch comedy series In Living Color from 1991-1994 as a main cast member for Seasons 3-5. He also created, starred in, executive produced, directed, and composed and performed the theme song for his sitcom The Jamie Foxx Show from 1996-2001. The series lasted five seasons and 100 episodes. The series was the last scripted series Foxx was on, until Dad Stop Embarrassing Me.

It’s always refreshing to know that celebrities deal with the same things us normal people do, like watching their children grow up right before their eyes and that they're protective when they start dating. To see how Jamie Foxx’s relationship with his daughter is reflected on his new series will be interesting to see but will definitely be a relatable one! And it will also be nice to see Foxx back on TV once again after so many years. Dad Stop Embarrassing Me comes out April 14 on Netflix!

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