No Big Deal, Just Jamie Foxx And Dwayne Johnson Bonding Over Love For Their Daughters

Jamie Foxx and Dwayne Johnson

It can be fun to go down the Hollywood rabbit hole of which celebrities gravitate towards one another and tend to hang out in the same circles. Finding a special bromance is especially rewarding. It would seem that Jamie Foxx and Dwayne “The Rock” Johnson have a little bit of a bromance going on themselves, even though they don’t have any heavy connections on their film resumes. Both actors do, however, have daughters, and seem to have bonded at least a little over being girl dads and the love they both have for their children.

A few years ago, Jamie Foxx posted a Throwback Thursday photo of him and his, at the time of the picture being taken, 10-year-old daughter. Dwayne Johnson commented on the photo, saying the bond shared between father and daughter is like no other. Johnson also gave a shout out to a gym in Budapest in his comment, telling Foxx to enjoy his time there and singing its praises. Foxx did seem to patronize the gym, as well as other fitness-minded celebrities, following Johnson’s positive words.

Recently, the gym noticed the interaction between the two celebrities and posted about the exchange on its Instagram page. Jamie Foxx screenshotted the gym’s post and stuck it on his Instagram story, bringing attention to the gym, as well as his daughter and Dwayne Johnson’s friendly comment on the bond between father and daughter. The interaction can be seen here below:

Workout habits aside, it makes sense the actors would be friends. It appears like they share a bond over their girl dad statuses, as they both know how strong the link is between father and daughter, and have both experienced that special kind of love. Also, both actors radiate positivity on a regular basis, and they are both pretty comedic when they aren’t in full-on action mode.

Both actors are definitely still in the Hollywood mix and staying relevant. Jamie Foxx just starred in Disney's animated hit Soul, which was released this past Christmas, and has a number of big projects in the works. He will be getting into some comic book adaptations in the coming years, as Foxx has been confirmed to reprise Electro in the next Spider-Man film, and he will also play the titular role in a future Spawn film. Dwayne Johnson has a similarly busy schedule, and after pumping out a few Disney flicks in recent years, his future is also looking more villainous with his upcoming role in Black Adam taking him into the DC universe.

Since Dwayne Johnson and Jamie Foxx have bonded over fitness and fatherhood, maybe they can make some time in their hectic schedules to appear in a movie together. Of course, that may not be possible with how many projects both actors have going on, but a girl can always dream.

Carlie Hoke
Content Writer

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