Zoey's Extraordinary Playlist Adds An Office Vet To Learn Zoey's Big Secret


Zoey's Extraordinary Playlist has gone in some new directions with Zoey following the heartbreaking death of her father at the end of Season 1, with Season 2 throwing in some more love triangle twists, a big promotion for Zoey, and now another person who will be let in on her secret. And he'll be played by a familiar face from The Office! Oscar Nunez is on board Zoey's Extraordinary Playlist in the ongoing second season.

Oscar Nunez, who played Oscar Martinez on The Office for nine seasons, has joined Zoey's Extraordinary Playlist to play Zoey's therapist, Dr. Tesoro. TVLine reports that Dr. Tesoro is both warm and sarcastic, who will use his skills as a therapist to help Zoey with her grief and relationships... and her powers. Tesoro will be let in on her secret without the risk of any consequences like she faced in other scenarios when the truth came out. Showrunner Austin Winsberg hyped what opens the door for Nunez's character, saying:

She’s going to realize that perhaps she needs more help than she realized, and that’s going to send her into therapy.

Therapy with Dr. Tesoro will trigger a major storyline that is ultimately the focus of a full episode, and Oscar Nunez is slated to appear in multiple episodes of Zoey's Extraordinary Playlist, so it's safe to say that the good doctor will be something of a game-changer for Zoey. It should be interesting to see how Tesoro reacts to the reveal of Zoey's powers, and what prompts it.

On the one hand, her powers could well be what drives Zoey to seek out therapy, and therefore be part of what she opens up about right away. On the other hand, saying that she sees big musical numbers that come straight from the hearts of those around her prompting problems for her to solve is a big thing to drop on somebody right off the bat, even a therapist. It would be fun if she sees Dr. Tesoro burst into a heart song of his own as part of her therapy. He might have no choice but to give her more of a window into his personal life than he'd like!

Zoey seeking therapy could be good news for others in her life as well as Zoey herself. Mo raised the point earlier in Season 2 that Zoey tends to pile her problems on her friends, and isn't always there to help them with hers. There would be no such conflict between Zoey and her therapist, unless things get complicated with Oscar Nunez's character bursting into a heart song, and we definitely shouldn't rule that out when it comes to Zoey's Extraordinary Playlist.

It's not clear at this point when Oscar Nunez will make his Zoey's Extraordinary Playlist debut now that ZEP has made the move to a different time slot for the second half of Season 2, but viewers can expect to see him throughout multiple episodes through the rest of the second season. As for Season 3... well, for now, we can just hope that NBC gives the show the chance to return for a third round of musical dramedy. The show finally delved into original songs this season, so who knows what the show could deliver if given the chance with Season 3?

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