CNN Correspondent Shares Emotional Post After 2-Year-Old Dies Of Brain Cancer

Rene Marsh on CNN

Much of the sadness and tragedy of 2020 has filtered over into 2021. While death and illness are normal in life, they can still be hard realities to deal with. That’s even more so when it happens to children. CNN correspondent Rene Marsh recently faced this tragedy. The CNN journalist shared an emotional post after the death of her 2-year-old son.

Losing a child would hurt any parent, especially if that child is incredibly young. Rene Marsh has kept followers and CNN viewers in the loop on her son’s brain cancer battle since 2020. Unfortunately, her son lost his battle on Apr. 14, days after CNN mourned the loss of legal correspondent Midwin Charles. Marsh took to her Instagram to make the announcement. In a tribute to her late son, Marsh wrote:

In your 25 months on earth, you taught me how much strength I had stored up in reserve that I didn’t know I had. You taught me endurance. You taught me a depth of love I have never experienced. You inspired me to keep going when I wanted to give up. You helped me prioritize what is truly important in this life. I am forever changed because of you, my son. I feel blessed and honored to have been your mom. I wish we had more time together but I’m grateful for the time we had.

After speaking on the brief time with her son, Rene Marsh delved into all the memories they shared. The CNN correspondent’s post took a turn as she spoke on mourning her child’s future. She wrote in the post:

In just two years you mastered the ability to bring laughter and happiness into whatever room you were in. Your party tricks included telling me 'no,' no matter what question I asked, hugging and kissing on demand and your dance moves were top notch. The good times we shared are forever in my heart. You loved being outside. You loved cruising the neighborhood in your drop top electric car, with the music on as you tried so hard to snap your fingers. You loved humming classical music. Your favorite was Mozart’s Serenade no. 13. I didn’t just lose you Blakey, I lost all the dreams and hopes that a mom has for a son. I lost my motherhood and I’m mourning it all. I am dedicated to fighting pediatric cancer for the rest of my life. I will do it not just to spare other parents from this unbearable pain, but I will do it to forever honor you, Blake. Your life was not in vain my sweet angel. Mommy loves you and I look forward to holding and kissing you when we meet again.

Rene Marsh’s post was heartbreaking as she spoke on the future her son would never get to experience. Her words gave a window into a mother losing the chance to watch her child grow up and become an adult. Check out Marsh’s full post with images below:

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Like any parent, Rene Marsh was robbed of those milestone moments in her son’s life. No parent ever wants to see their children go before them, especially at the tender age of two. But cancer isn’t indiscriminate about who and when it chooses to take someone’s life.

Hopefully, Rene Marsh and her family will be able to mourn properly before she returns to the news network. While her son is no longer here physically, Marsh can still hold on to the loving memories of her son for years to come.

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