Reported SNL Pics Of Harry Styles Dressed As Ariel Leak After He Turned Down Role In The Little Mermaid

Harry Styles SNL promo photo 2019

A lot of eyes were trained on Harry Styles a few months ago after the musician wore a dress for a magazine photoshoot and then channeled Ashley Tisdale's High School Musical character for the Grammy Awards. His fashion choices have sparked some debate online, but these are not the only times the former One Direction singer has played around with gender expectations. New photos recently leaked from a promo opp allegedly for Styles’ guest hosting stint on SNL a couple of years ago, and of course the Internet can’t get enough.

The gist is that in 2019, Harry Styles reportedly dressed up as Ariel from The Little Mermaid for a Saturday Night Live episode promo. You know the sort of photoshoot that's been common for years on the late night sketch comedy, where stars take funny images so that NBC can cross-promote the episodes they will appear in. When the episode first aired, Styles himself wore a ballet tutu and sat on a disco ball for the photos that were released, but reportedly he took more dressed as the famous red-headed Disney Princess, which only went around on the Internet for the first time this weekend.

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Whether officially from SNL or not, the photos ran around the Internet and of course plenty of people had thoughts. Many of them were about Harry Styles not being able to decide if playing Prince Eric or Ariel herself was a better call.

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If you’ve kept tabs on Harry Styles’ career lately, you should know the "Watermelon Sugar" singer acts as well, having appeared in Dunkirk and Olivia Wilde’s upcoming movie Don’t Worry, Darling -- the movie which sparked romance with the director and Tron franchise actress. But, there was another role he has spoken about turning down: that of Eric in the upcoming The Little Mermaid live action film.

Of course, those in the no about that almost gig also joked about why Harry Styles ultimately turned down the role. Though before we share this particular tweet, I should note that Styles previously told THR he said no to Prince Eric so he could focus on his music for a while.

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Others just really can’t seem to get off of the idea that Harry Styles could capably play both roles, though it’s worth noting the Ariel gig ultimately went to Halle Bailey for the new movie.

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So, ultimately these reportedly leaked photos may be the closest thing we actually get to Harry Styles being involved in The Little Mermaid. Though if they really are from SNL I’m not sure why we didn’t get to see them a couple of years ago. No offense to the pink tutu, but this is way more entertaining.

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