Zoey’s Extraordinary Playlist Star Previews A ‘Super Cute’ Flashback Episode In Season 2

Jane Levy as Zoey Clarke in Zoey's Extraordinary Playlist

Season 2 of Zoey’s Extraordinary Playlist has been pulling out all the stops largely by including more storylines and musical numbers involving the full array of characters, rather than just the central leads. In one upcoming episode, for example, fans will see more backstory for Alice Lee's Emily and Andrew Leeds' David, and it sounds like they won’t be disappointed with what's on the way.

Zoey’s Extraordinary Playlist star Alice Lee spoke with TVInsider and hinted at what viewers can expect from Emily for the remainder of the season. Not only will her character be involved in some more musical moments, but Lee teased the upcoming flashback episode that will likely shine some new light on Emily and David's history together. Lee said:

There are some group [songs] later that she’s a part of. There is going to be a flashback episode, which is going to be super cute because you see where everyone was seven years ago, and you see a part of David and Emily’s backstory, which I think is adorable.

Emily and David’s relationship this season has shown that every couple has their ups and downs. With Emily suffering from postpartum depression, it’s put a strain on their relationship, though she has continued to be supportive of David, not wanting to be a burden. They are definitely trying to make it all work, for themselves and for their son Miles. With the flashback episode taking place seven years prior to current events, fans will likely get to see more of what Emily and David went through together before the events of Zoey's Extraordinary Playlist started up, and will hopefully make an emotional bridge between then and now.

The flashback episode will feature one of many storylines and new ideas that are being included for the second season of Zoey’s Extraordinary Playlist, both in terms of format and social commentary. In one recent episode, the series included its very first original song, and it was most likely the first of many, assuming NBC keeps this audience winner on the air. While there isn’t too much known about the episode, it seems it will revolve quite a bit around Emily and David and their relationship.

Flashback episodes of TV shows are a great way to learn more about characters while still connecting to the current storyline, and it's always more meaningful when backstories are crucial to understanding how and why characters are the way they are. When Zoey’s first started out, Emily and David’s relationship was already established, but was also still in the midst of being developed. Now that they have a baby they are working on their relationship even more than before.

Seeing what Emily and David's relationship was like in the beginning, and learning the things that initially connected them could prove that nothing will be able to break them apart, even if they do have some disagreements and arguments along the way. Their relationship has been a big storyline so far this season, as well as Zoey’s involvement within that courtship, as she’s trying to help her sister-in-law. How far back everyone's stories go will be interesting to see.

Zoey’s Extraordinary Playlist airs Sundays at 9 p.m. ET on NBC.

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