Bethenny Frankel's New Show Looks Like Absolute Drama, And Fans Are Here For It

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Bethenny Frankel – CEO of Skinnygirl and Real Housewives of New York alum – has something of a divisive public persona. She’s brash, in your face and unafraid to speak her mind – as Luann de Lesseps and several others repeatedly found out the hard way. It’s gotten her into trouble a few times on the Bravo network that brought her notoriety, but now the business entrepreneur is moving her talents onto HBO Max with her new show. As seen above, the trailer for Frankel’s competition reality series dropped yesterday, and fans are already here for the absolute drama about to ensue.

The new HBO Max series is called The Big Shot With Bethenny and it follows the search for her next vice president of operations for Skinnygirl. This will mark Bethenny Frankel’s first major return to television since her exit from Real Housewives of New York in 2019. And fans of the reality star are practically tripping over their keyboards with their reactions after the trailer release.

The viewer appeal of someone like Bethenny Frankel is mainly watching someone willing to say what everyone in the room might be silently thinking, as well as one or two other things they wouldn’t dare even think. But Big Shot takes it up a notch and seems to showcase Frankel taking this super-frank approach with regular everyday people and potential subordinates this time as they compete for this "dream job." I, for one, would love to be verbally eviscerated by the likes of Frankel. One Twitter user put it this way:

I’m kind of here for her leaning into the villainy within lol

Despite her perceived “villainy,” Bethenny Frankel has established a significant and dedicated fanbase. In fact, it often likes to deify the Skinnygirl mogul into an almost Miranda Priestly (of The Devil Wears Prada) role. Frankel’s new show features her easily sashaying through business ventures and competitions in dripping fire outfits with witty retorts, and it has only furthered the adoration for her. Check out this fan’s hilarious reaction to Big Shot:

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You can’t say Real Housewives of New York without saying Bethenny Frankel, given how she propelled it to monumental heights during her near ten years as one of the (on and off) main ladies. So, of course, Real Housewives fans ecstatically descended onto the Big Shot trailer.

Many of the fans took no time at all to react with Real Housewives references when it comes to Bethenny Frankel and Big Shot. One user wrote that Frankel was “cashing that HBO Max check” and had “won” over the likes of ex-RHNY castmate Carole Radziwill. The majority of others were overjoyed to spot another notorious RHNY former castmate in the trailer, Dorinda Medley. See this fan’s reaction to Medley’s surprise appearance:

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Mostly, though, fans of Bethenny Frankel’s are loving the odes to other reality television shows that Big Shot is seemingly giving. One fan even said it “looks like something rachel and quinn would have loved to produce,” referring to UnReal. Others have casually noted that Frankel is giving serious Project Runway face. Yet the biggest comparison of note is to that of Martha Stewart’s The Apprentice, for which Frankel was an actual runner-up winner in 2005. See here:

Idc if you guys hate on me! This looks really good and I’m definitely going to watch this!!! It’s giving me the vibes of ‘The Apprentice’ but just a lot more enjoyable!! Can’t wait to watch! #TheBigShotOnMax

Regardless of whether you love to hate or hate to love Bethenny Frankel, she clearly loves herself and her reach is undeniable at this point. She has had her hands in several cookie jars over the years, but fans seem excited for Big Shot and its "Apprentice meets Real Housewives meets Project Runway meets UnReal meets The Devil Wears Prada" vibes. I know I am.

Check out Big Shot With Bethenny on HBO Max when it debuts on the streaming platform on Thursday, April 29.

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