Blue Bloods Is Giving Tom Selleck A Big Jesse Stone Reunion Soon

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Blue Bloods is going strong in its eleventh season, even as it heads toward the finale that will hit the airwaves on CBS in less than a month. While fans may not be looking forward to the end of a season that will be the shortest of the entire series, they can be confident that the finale will deliver something special, and not just because it will be a two-hour event. The finale will deliver a Jesse Stone reunion for Tom Selleck with none other than Gloria Reuben!

Tom Selleck may be best known for long-running TV roles like the original Magnum P.I. and of course now Blue Bloods, but he is also the face of the Jesse Stone franchise of made-for-TV movies. Gloria Reuben, also known for ER, Law & Order: SVU, and City on a Hill, appeared in three of the nine Jesse Stone moves as nightclub singer Thelma Gleffy. Reuben's Thelma was also sometimes a love interest to Selleck's Jesse Stone, but she won't be filling that role on Blue Bloods.

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According to TV Insider, Gloria Reuben is reuniting with Tom Selleck on Blue Bloods to play Rachel Weber, a strong-willed agent of the Bureau of Alcohol, Tobacco and Firearms. Rachel is in charge of somebody with a close tie to the Reagan family: Detective Joe Hill, who made his debut in Season 10 as the son of Joe Reagan that nobody else in the family had known about. Joe has been absent from Season 11 since way back in December, and he'll come between Frank and Reuben's ATF agent. Executive producer Kevin Wade previewed the role she'll play:

She and Frank have a two-part battle because they obviously both have claims to this young detective. They’re sort of cast in the role of divorced parents who share custody and argue over what’s best for the kid.

As for what else is in store with the Season 11 finale of Blue Bloods, fans will have to wait and see. Assuming the rest of the Reagan family gets involved at some point or other, things could get a whole lot more complicated. One thing that is certain about the finale, however – Jesse Stone fans are in for a treat to see two stars back on screen together, even if playing different characters with a very different dynamic.

The Season 11 finale will be a two-parter that fortunately airs in the one night, starting at a special time on Friday, May 14 on CBS. The finale may feel like it's coming entirely too soon, as Blue Bloods was one of several CBS shows that had their normal episode count cut down to 16 due to the complications of production in the 2020-2021 TV season that didn't have to be factored in over the previous ten seasons.

The good news is that Blue Bloods is also one of several CBS shows to recently be renewed for the 2021-2022 TV season, so nobody at the show has had to do any campaigning like David Boreanaz has done for SEAL Team. For now, you can look forward to the remaining episodes of Blue Bloods Season 11 airing on Fridays at 10 p.m. ET on CBS, with the finale on May 14 starting at 9 p.m. ET.

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