Supernatural Fave Misha Collins Explains Oscars Appearance After Name Trends On Social Media

misha collins' castiel on supernatural season 15

Considering The CW's Supernatural wrapped up its epic 15-season run back in November 2020, fans have certainly gone a while without having star Misha Collins as a regular presence on their TVs. (At least not counting rewatches on Netflix, that is.) So it was quite a shock for many when Collins' familiar face popped up on the 93rd annual Academy Awards telecast, since he wasn't a direct part of any of this year's big nominees, and fans' curiosity about his presence was enough to get his name trending on Twitter.

While it would have been wild for Misha Collins to be at the Oscars as part of some stealth reveal for a Supernatural spinoff movie devoted to Castiel - as improbable as such a thing would be - he still very much indeed had an awesome and celebratory reason to be present. Though this info wasn't immediately available while fans were expressing their adoration for the actor, here's Collins' explanation for being around for Hollywood's biggest night.

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It was indeed a pretty solid night for filmmaker Darius Marder, who both co-wrote and directed the heavily nominated music-centric drama Sound of Metal, which was one of CinemaBlend's favorite movies of 2020. Though star Riz Ahmed didn't win for Best Actor, and the film didn't win for Best Picture of Best Screenplay, Sound of Metal did take home the Oscars for both Best Sound and Best Achievement in Film Editing. So here's hoping Marder and Misha Collins got to enjoy some joyous celebrations after the ceremony was over. (Or even during the ceremony itself, because why not?)

Elsewhere on Twitter, Misha Collins further explained why he is so proud of Darius Marder and Sound of Music, saying:

So happy for him and for this incredible, inclusive film about the deaf community and addiction and the human condition. So full of love and pride tonight...

Even though Misha Collins obviously wasn't intending to be a highlight of the Oscar festivities, fans absolutely considered him to be just that and championed his presence with posts such as this:

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And the post below does a pretty fantastic job of summing up so many fans' feelings in a nutshell:

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There no doubt that Misha Collins fans would love to see him taking on tons of new roles in the near future, the actor's upcoming slate is unfortunately not so stacked, at least not with publicly revealed projects. Speaking of Riz Ahmed, his upcoming sci-fi flick Invasion will feature an uncredited appearance from Collins, but that's unfortunately about it. So I guess it's yet another rewatch of Supernatural on Netflix.

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