Michael Weatherly And More Bull Cast Members Celebrate CBS Drama Reaching 100 Episodes

The past year of television has been as erratic as can be, with all the reversed renewals, the multitude of production delays, the shortened episode counts, and more. So it's awesome that among all the topsy-turviness, there are still achievements to celebrate, such as Michael Weatherly's CBS legal drama Bull making it all the way to 100 episodes. The hallmark episode, titled "The Law of the Jungle," wasn't a big looking-back clip show or anything of that sort, but that doesn't mean the cast members weren't reflecting on the show's success in celebration.

Ahead of Episode 100 making its grand debut on CBS' Monday night schedule, the network shared a video on Twitter featuring Michael Weatherly, Freddy Rodriguez, Geneva Carr and more cast members paying respect to everyone and everything that had to happen for the drama to make it to this point. Here's how Weatherly put it:

It's so hard to get a show to stay on television. It's like almost easier to be an astronaut than to get a show that goes to 100 episodes. . . . You don't make 100 episodes by yourself. There are so many men and women working diligently behind the scenes. Everything from building the sets to writing the scripts to doing everything. So when you're seeing 100 episodes, you're seeing - if it's ten days per episode, roughly, that's 1,000 days of work by hundreds and hundreds of people. It's awesome.

To a lot of casual viewers, it's pretty easy to forget just how many people are responsible for bringing Bull to life, from the episode's concepts all the way to the final reel of edited footage. The creative team and the production crew basically have the process down to a science at this point, creating the most progress while allowing for as few mistakes as possible. And it definitely takes a massive team of people to pull off 100 episodes with such a seemingly uncomplicated show, especially during the pandemic.

You know what's not so complicated, though? Jumping up and down with glee in photographic form. That's how star Geneva Carr celebrated with co-star Mackenzie Meehan in this hair-flipping Instagram post, which features a pun that probably gets shared a lot around that set, but is still fun regardless.

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We would also have accepted "incrediBULL," "inconceivaBULL" and "fanciBULL." That last one doesn't entirely work out, but maybe by the time the show hits Episode 200, everyone's pun standards will be even more relaxed.

I think most people would agree that celebrations are only truly official whenever there is cake involved, and that's what star Freddy Rodriguez brought to the table with his celebratory post. And after seeing it, imagine how awesome it would be to watch Michael Weatherly contemplatively take his glasses off and then start gnawing on them, and it's revealed he's been wearing fondant glasses this whole time. Or if not that, just appreciate the awesomeness of this cake!

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Episode 100 celebrations likely would have happened even earlier in the year if not for COVID delays, considering Season 5 didn't even get started until November. But regardless of when or where or why it happened, co-star MacKenzie Meehan is grateful for it all. Here's how she put it in an Instagram post:

I couldn’t be more proud and grateful to be part of this extraordinary cast. Thank you to all of our fans for helping us reach this huge milestone!

Now that Episode 100 has come and gone, Bull can now start gearing up in earnest for its Season 5 finale, which will air alongside all the other big TV finales coming soon. It airs Monday nights on CBS at 10:00 p.m. ET.

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