Big Sky Confirms That Shocking Big Death, And The Killing Isn't Done Yet


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Spoilers ahead for the April 27 episode of Big Sky on ABC, called "White Lion."

Big Sky proved with its very first episode in November 2020 that no character should ever be considered too key to be killed off, and the second arc of the season didn't waste any time in proving that Ryan Phillippe's Cody isn't the only character whose journey can end very, very abruptly on this show. "White Lion" confirmed that the cliffhanger from last week's episode wasn't a fake-out. And that getting whacked in the head with a shovel isn't exactly good for the health. Yes, Michael Raymond-James' Blake is officially dead, having gone the way of Cody. And he wasn't even the only notable character to meet their end this week!

First things first, though: unlike Cody, Blake's death was discovered quickly thanks to Cheyenne witnessing JW killing their brother with a shovel, although JW seemingly didn't intend to actually murder Blake. Oops? Cheyenne turned the situation to her own advantage and dragged Blake's corpse to the base of a cliff to stage a suicide, and hold that she knows what really happened over JW's head. The Kleinsassers covered up that anything about the death pointed to murder rather than suicide, and JW and Rand are particularly keen to keep prying eyes off of their ranch.

Jenny's investigation into Blake's death resulted in an attack on her and Angela at the motel, when a very large truck plowed right into her room, completely obliterating everything in its path, which thankfully didn't include either of the women thanks to Jenny realizing what was happening at the last minute. Although the truck survived the collision enough to drive away, I can't help but think that identifying the driver might not be that tricky, considering the damage to the vehicle, unless there was some premeditation to hide the truck after, or it was stolen.

While Jenny and Angela presumably survived the truck crash, not everybody in the episode was so lucky, although the other big death isn't public knowledge among the good guys just yet. Ronald, still in his Arthur disguise, realized that his secret had been discovered by Scarlet's sister, Mary, who connected the dots and called Dewell & Hoyt with a tip. Tragically, she didn't reach anybody and had to leave a voicemail.

Even more tragically, Mary evidently wasn't a person who checks to see who's knocking before opening her door, because Ronald showed up, zapped her with his taser, tied her up beneath a blanket, and sat down to eat some cereal while shedding more light on his twisted relationship with his mother and working himself up to killing her. And he certainly did kill her, and got around to mostly cleaning up after himself by the time Cassie and Lindor showed up, and he made his escape.

Ronald has officially fallen off the wagon when it comes to indulging his dark side, and he ended the episode driving off with Mary's body in the backseat of a car and one of her dolls buckled into the passenger seat. Because if Ronald wasn't creepy enough, Big Sky went ahead and added a porcelain doll! Although the porcelain doll collection technically belonged to Mary, and she seemingly had a dark side of her own based on Cassie and Lindor's discovery of what she had hidden in her basement: another body!

This corpse was wrapped up in plastic, appeared to be male, and had been dead a lot longer than Mary. Big Sky dropped some mentions of Scarlet's ex being out of the picture for good, so the odds seem pretty good that the dead man is Phoebe's dad, but then that raises the question of who killed him. Sure, he was in Mary's basement, but I won't rule out Scarlet being involved at this point.

Big Sky isn't done killing off characters, to the point that I get edgy whenever a character starts bragging to another that they're going to blackmail them, especially if there's already blood on that person's hands. Bragging about having dirt on them is how you get yourself killed by one of your murderous brothers, Cheyenne! Find out what happens next on Big Sky with the next new episode on Tuesday, May 4 at 10 p.m. ET on ABC, and be sure to check out our rundown of upcoming TV season finales.

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