Will The Conners' Becky Find Happiness Soon? Here's What Lecy Goranson Told Us


Although The Conners is billed as a sitcom and has been delivering laughs for fans ever since it premiered to continue the stories of beloved Roseanne characters, Lecy Goranson's Becky has been at the center of a very dramatic arc in the second half of Season 3. Becky started drinking again, to the point that her family staged an impromptu intervention and scared her into realizing that she needed to go to rehab. Becky is on the road to recovery, but this definitely hasn't been a happy season overall for the eldest of the original generation of Conner kids. But according to the actress, all hope isn't lost for Becky.

Lecy Goranson recently spoke with CinemaBlend's Nick Venable about Becky's dark arc in The Conners Season 3, and she shared that some light is on the way for her character. When asked if Becky will get more happiness to close out the season, Goranson previewed:

Yes. Although I can't give many details I can assuredly say that things are looking up. And, you know, you get a little hint about a brighter future for her. So, I mean, it's not extreme. It's not... She doesn't become a millionaire. But for where she is, there's definitely a light at the end of the tunnel. So thank goodness.

Becky arguably hit her emotional low point when a family therapy session to help her recovery resulted in an argument with Dan over her relationship with late husband Mark, and she heartbreakingly shared how she believes she'll "never catch up" after how far she fell behind because of Mark. The reveal on top of everything that drove her to go to rehab did lead to an emotional breakthrough that can only be good for her, and Lecy Goranson confirmed that there will be some positive payoff for everything Becky has gone through.

Of course, Lecy Goranson didn't reveal all the details of what's on the way for Becky when there are still episodes that have yet to air before the final credits roll on the Season 3 finale, but her comments definitely give fans something to look forward to. She elaborated on what Becky deserves after everything she has gone (and is presumably still going) through, saying of Becky's happiness:

She deserves that. She's been through too much. We all have this year. Oh my gosh. We all deserve a little break.

Unfortunately for fans eager to see how The Conners will get Becky to the brighter future that she so deserves, the show is on a bit of a break as the third season winds down. The next new episode of The Conners will air on ABC Wednesday, May 12 at 9 p.m. ET, and it will continue to address Becky's struggles. According to the official episode description from ABC, Becky will give a presentation on addiction to Mark's class, which could mean The Conners showing just how much Becky has taken the lessons from rehab to heart.

The Conners stands as one of the major network TV shows that has yet to receive a renewal, so there is currently no confirmation for better or worse about a Season 4. If you've missed out on any of the third season so far, you can find all the Season 3 episodes to this point streaming on Hulu.

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