Watch Out Sebastian Stan, The Bucky Sarah Cut Got An A+ Response From Real-Life Brother Of Falcon And Winter Soldier Actress

While The Falcon and the Winter Soldier did a pretty great job at further developing and expanding Anthony Mackie's Sam Wilson and Sebastian Stan's Bucky Barnes, the Disney+ series also did a great job of bringing back familiar faces, while also introducing important and polarizing new characters. One such side character that arguably didn't get enough screen time is Adepero Oduye, who portrayed Sam's sister Sarah Wilson, and after finding out that more casually flirtatious footage exists between Oduye and Stan, fans began clamoring for Disney+ and Marvel to release the Bucky & Sarah Cut. Not all viewers are into that idea, however.

For instance, Adepero Oduye's real-life brother, who goes by the moniker Spooky Brown Esq on social media, shared his take on the Bucky & Sarah Cut. And much like Sam was wary of Bucky and Sarah getting too googly-eyed about each other on the show, Oduye's sibling is also amusingly against the idea of seeing anything resembling romantic involving the characters. Here's how he put it on Twitter:

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Marvel has yet to make any big moves to release any new Bucky and Sarah footage in the wake of Sebastian Stan pointing out that his and Adepero Oduye's characters shared more screen-time than what audiences got to see in the six-episode season. Because he didn't go into any extensive details, that allowed fans to take their shipper hopes and dreams to soaring levels when demanding for the Bucky & Sarah cut to be released. And surprise, surprise: people are indeed interested in seeing things get all hot and sweaty between the two.

Logistically speaking, though, I doubt any of the cut moments with Sebastian Stan and Adepero Oduye showed their characters engaging in acts that could be construed as "hanky panky" by any grossed-out siblings. Would there be sparkling eye contact? Probably. Some quippy rom-com-esque banter over a meal and drinks? Probably. But likely nothing involving Bucky using his metal arm for anything too lurid.

But I guess we'll never know until Marvel decides to run wild with whatever extra footage does exist. Fans were gloriously treated to a longer cut of Daniel Brühl's Zemo dancing like a goon from Episode 3, so there is definitely precedent for such spontaneous reveals to hit social media. So don't expect any wedding bells, but hopefully we'll get to see Sebastian Stan and Adepero Oduye making more sweet-eyes at each other in the near future, even if there are probably lots of other things to address before getting around to that.

Though The Falcon and the Winter Soldier is over now, with Anthony Mackie shipping off to take on the titular mantle for Captain America 4, fans are still hoping for the series to return for a second season in some form, possibly with Bucky being joined by Danny Ramirez's Joaquin Torres as the new Falcon, to bring that character's comic story to life. Or perhaps as a hero vs. villain piece with Bucky trying to take down Sharon Carter's Power Broker. Or just a Bridgerton-level love fest with Bucky and Sarah boinking for 40 minutes an episode. That pro-o-o-obably wouldn't fly on Disney+, but still.

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