The Falcon And Winter Soldier Star Is As Hopeful As We Are About Torres' Falcon Future

danny ramirez's joaquin torres getting falcon's wings from sam in the falcon and the winter soldier

In true MCU style, the penultimate episode of Disney+'s The Falcon and the Winter Soldier set up the main building blocks for its presumably grand finale while also hinting at more happening around the narrative's edges. Specifically, the MCU drama hinted strongly that Danny Ramirez's military-minded Joaquin Torres is destined to follow his comic book counterpart in taking on the Falcon mantle upon Sam Wilson transitioning into Captain America mode. (Possibly with Chris Evans involved.) Viewers still don't know what will happen as we anticipate the season finale, but the actor did a great job of boosting CinemaBlend's hopes of seeing a new superhero emerge in a future season or project, as seen in the video above.

As it's probably made obvious in the video, I had the please of recently talking to Danny Ramirez about his important, though largely understated, introduction to the MCU in The Falcon and the Winter Soldier. Admittedly, I had about a hundred sneaking suspicions that the actor would be necessarily tight-lipped about how things play out for the non-superpowered soldier in the Marvel drama's swan song after Anthony Mackie's Sam passed down his battle-worn wings. Yet the actor still managed to evoke quite a bit of enthusiasm. In his words:

You guys know as much as I do, I think for sure, across this storyline. Because I haven't seen the season finale. I haven't. So I think there's exciting stuff in his future - without a doubt, I think. But I am curious as to what it is just as much as you are.

Rather than fist-pumping endlessly at the thought of all the exciting things potentially on the way in Torres' future, I instead asked Danny Ramirez if there was a chance The Falcon and the Winter Soldier's could reveal something about the character without the actor actually being around to film it, and it's here where he surprisingly became more cryptic about things, saying:

Could something have happened? I mean, who's to say, really? [Laughs.]

Theoretically, even if The Falcon and the Winter Soldier viewers don't see Joaquin Torres fixing Sam Wilson's old wings and strapping them to his back in the Season 1 finale, there could easily still be a similar update revealed through dialogue or some other on-screen visual. Now, for a show that has done a pretty excellent job with developing characters both old and new, it would be a major slight if Torres' superhero fate was revealed to the world through a fake news segment or Sam Wilson announcing something at a Tony Stark-esque press conference. But stranger things have happened in the MCU.

For my money, I want nothing less than Torres mimicking Sam and Bucky by leaping out of a plane with the wings on, showing off some kind of new weaponry that he designed himself. But I realize that's probably reaching a bit too far, and I'll gladly settle for something slightly closer to the ground.

Following his run in the MCU, Danny Ramirez won't be leaving high-flying action projects behind, as he'll soon be seen opposite Tom Cruise in the highly anticipated and much-delayed sequel Top Gun: Maverick, as well as the dramatic thriller Root Letter. But before all that, we can hopefully catch him in Falcon 2.0 mode when The Falcon and the Winter Soldier airs its Season 1 finale on Disney+ on Friday, April 23.

Nick Venable
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