Read Longtime ESPN Anchor Kenny Mayne’s Statement After His Surprising Network Exit

Kenny Mayne in promotional video for The House (2017)

ESPN has been experiencing its fair share of problems over the past several years, though it continues to be a hub for sports junkies looking for news. Part of the network’s success can be attributed to the personalities it’s had over the years. Dan Patrick, Stuart Scott, Doris Burke and Scott Van Pelt are only a few of the big names to have worked for the network over the past several decades. However, in recent years, the company has made a number of personality changes for varying reasons. Now, it’s been confirmed that longtime ESPN talent Kenny Mayne is departing the network, and he’s released a statement on the matter.

Kenny Mayne took to Twitter to confirm that he will be leaving ESPN, explaining that his departure is due to a “salary cap casualty.” You can check out Mayne’s full farewell message down below:

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For longtime ESPN viewers, Kenny Mayne’s departure likely comes as a shock, given how much of a fixture he’s become in the 27-year stint with the company. It doesn’t seem to be the scenario Mayne wanted but, based on his post, he seems to be taking it all in stride. The veteran TV journalist is also getting plenty of support from other sports journalism vets, who have taken to the comments or their personal accounts to wish him well.

Kenny Mayne originally joined ESPN back in 1994, kicking off his career with the network as a SportsSmash anchor on ESPN2 before becoming the anchor of the weekend edition of RPM 2Night. Mayne eventually made his way to the main network, where he co-anchored the 11 p.m. SportsCenter alongside Dan Patrick. From there, Mayne arguably became a mainstay on the network.

Known for his dry sense of humor, Kenny Mayne would eventually go on to headline Kenny Mayne’s Wider World of Sports. The online video series chronicled Mayne’s trips around the world, earning a firm fanbase and honors from the Webby Awards as well. Of course, he would eventually find his way back to SportsCenter in 2013.

As previously alluded to, ESPN has seen a number of layoffs over the past few years, and notable TV personalities have been casualties of said restructuring. This is all in addition to other kinds of controversies that have forced the network to part ways with high-profile employees. With so much going on with the network at this time, some are likely speculating on its outlook over the next several years.

One thing that can certainly be said is that Kenny Mayne is going to be missed. Like a number of his colleagues, he’s become a staple not just within the sports world but within the realm of pop culture as a whole. Here’s hoping he lands on his feet and finds a new home where he can continue to bring viewers sports news as only he can.

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