Is Porsha Williams Out Of Real Housewives Of Atlanta Amidst Controversial Engagement News? Here's The Latest

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The Real Housewives of Atlanta’s thirteenth season might have just officially concluded, but the real-life drama is building fast. After the latest reunion special aired on May 9, Porsha Williams announced her engagement to Simon Guobadia, former husband to Williams’ alleged “friend" on the show, Falynn Guobadia. Juggling the controversial situation, as well as a new project in the works, certainly complicates matters when it comes to Williams’ spot on the next season of Real Housewives of Atlanta. Let's go over everything that's happening in Williams' world.

Typically, off-camera controversies would only help cement one’s position within the Real Housewives cast, but these are not typical times. Some heavy speculation started circulating weeks ago with claims that Porsha Williams will not be returning for Real Housewives of Atlanta Season 14. Fans quickly noted that she scrubbed her longtime “RHOA” moniker from her social media, and that still appears to be the case.

At the time, many assumed the scrub was the result of Porsha Williams’ potential ire at the show for how it centered her in the “StripperGate” scandal, in which she was accused of sleeping with Bolo the Stripper, though she neither confirmed nor denied the dalliance. Looking back, though, it’s more than possible that it wasn’t StripperGate, but rather her newfound relationship with Simon Guobadia (which supposedly only started around mid-April) might have prompted Williams to reconsider her place and spotlight on the show.

Porsha Williams’ engagement to Simon Guobadia is certainly rife with juicy material for the next season of Real Housewives of Atlanta. They could easily play up the suddenness of their relationship's formation, and how her former fiancé and child figure into the drama. Moreover, and more importantly, if Falynn Guobadia gets elevated from being a recurring presence to part of the main cast (as happens often), it would spell drama for Williams, and probably of the unwanted kind, considering the reports stating that Williams and Guobadia's friendship isn't legit, and that they only met when they first filmed together.

Supposedly, the Guobadia couple separated back in January, so claims about him cheating with Porsha Williams seem unlikely, but obviously aren't out of the question in the minds of those suspicious of the auspicious timing involved. However, rumors are now swirling that in their short time together, Simon Guobadia has already been unfaithful to Williams, who is also rumored to be already pregnant for him. If that last bit is true, this would be a disastrous case of history repeating itself for Williams, considering the reality star was cheated on the last time she was pregnant.

However, perhaps the biggest hint that seemingly points to Porsha Williams’ impending exit from the Real Housewives of Atlanta is the recent announcement that she has a new spinoff show set for Bravo. Page Six reported that the three-part special begins filming this summer and will focus on her life, family, and newfound activism. Williams has headlined her own brief spinoff in the past, but this project might just be the perfect moment and opportunity to forge her own path. Just ask Kim Zolciak for proof, since she left Real Housewives of Atlanta and went on to have a long run of her own reality show, Tardy for the Party. (For those wondering if the new show has anything to do with her relationship news, it doesn't, as it's been in development for months.)

Besides Kenya Moore, Porsha Williams has certainly been carrying the Real Housewives of Atlanta for quite some time. There has yet to be confirmation of the Season 14 cast, and though co-star Kandi Burruss recently said there’s no need for a shake up, any Bravo fan with eyes can probably see the writing is already on the wall for Williams.

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