The Worst And Best Dancing With The Stars Competitors In The Show's History, According To Witney Carson

Witney Carson on Dancing With The Stars

Who else can’t wait for the next season of Dancing With The Stars?! We may have a while to wait until Season 30, but the stars of the show sure are keeping busy in the meantime. We recently learned some secrets from professional dancer Keo Motsepe, and now pro Witney Carson is spilling some secrets, too.

Witney Carson spilled some tea recently while talking about her time on Dancing With The Stars. She revealed to US Weekly who she considers to be the worst celebrity dancers in the entire history of the show, saying:

That’s a toss-up honestly between Kim Kardashian and Master P. I remember watching that sitting at home just being like, ‘Oh, my goodness.'

Kim Kardashian was partnered with pro dancer Mark Ballas on Season 7 of Dancing With The Stars, and was eliminated third. Master P appeared all the way back in Season 2 of the dance show, and was eliminated fourth with his partner Ashly DelGrosso.

Witney Carson continued to talk about her time with the reality show and mentioned that her favorite celebrity dancer is none other than Alfonso Ribeiro. (Did anyone else just start doing the Carlton and singing "It’s Not Unusual", or is it just me?) She noted that the The Fresh Prince of Bel-Air star was adored by everyone, and was the “all-around best.”

The duo won the coveted mirrorball trophy during Season 19 of Dancing With The Stars, which was only Witney Carson’s second season as a pro dancer! Carson and Alfonso Ribeiro did a jazz dance to the aforementioned "It’s Not Unusual", and the Carlton dance was a big part of that performance. She considers that her favorite dance from that season, saying:

I have never felt that experience and that feeling in my entire life, like that was absolutely insane. Like when we started the Carlton, people just lost their minds. Like they were like screaming and I’ve just never felt that in the audience ever. So that was an experience for me that I’ll just never forget.

Witney Carson also revealed her most embarrassing moment out of her entire time on Dancing With The Stars, which was also with Alfonso Ribeiro. During a dress rehearsal, they had an accident during a trick in their salsa where she fell hard on her back and got the wind completely knocked out of her. Though she ended up being alright, she admitted that it was embarrassing that they had to stop the entire show for that.

The professional dancer continued talking about her time on the show, and spoke about the partner that surprised her the most: Malcolm in the Middle’s Frankie Muniz. She seemed to be a little skeptical when the competition first started, but they ended up finishing in third place. She joked around, saying:

I remember the first day of rehearsal. I was like, ‘Dude, let’s do just a little bit of freestyle.’ And I literally had to look away. It was so bad. Frankie and I talk about it still to this day... But we made it all the way to the finale and people really loved him. He was an incredibly hard worker and he just wanted to be the best that he could be.

Witney Carson didn’t appear on the show last season for an exciting reason: she was pregnant! She and her husband Carson McAllister welcomed their son Leo on January 3 of this year, and she is hoping to return to the ballroom for Season 30. But we don’t actually know yet if she’ll for sure return to the show, because the pro lineup hasn’t been announced, and the show has certainly made some shocking omissions to the pro lineup in the past. But fingers crossed, we'll see her back in the fall!

Dancing With The Stars has made some other shocking changes in the past few years, like cutting Tom Bergeron and Erin Andrews as hosts before last season, Season 29. The duo was replaced with Tyra Banks, and people certainly had mixed feelings at first about ABC's decision to bring her in.

We actually don’t know the premiere date for Season 30 yet, but if the show sticks to a similar schedule as the past few years, it will air on Mondays in the fall on ABC. Until then, though, you can check out the new and returning shows that we'll see on our screens this summer!

Sydney Skubic