Storage Wars' Jarrod Schulz Charged With Domestic Violence After Altercation With Brandi Passante

Jarrod and Brandi fighting on Storage Wars

Things have changed between OG Storage Wars stars Jarrod Schulz and Brandi Passante, aka the "Young Guns," over the years. The former couple opened up about their split in Season 13 of Storage Wars, admitting they’d been apart for two years but still filmed for some of the same auctions for the show. Outside of filming, it seems to be a different case. In fact, a heated exchange between the couple recently led to Jarrod Schulz getting charged with one count of misdemeanor domestic violence battery.

According to reports, Brandi Passante was at a bar in Orange County when her ex Jarrod Schulz rolled up. The two got into an exchange that got heated, during which Passante allegedly asked Schulz to leave. He did not comply, things escalated and Schulz allegedly pushed Passante twice.

Per TMZ, after the alleged yelling and pushing occurred, Jarrod Schulz exited the scene. Police were called in, but by the time they showed up Schulz was no longer there and was not arrested. The police later tracked Schulz down, who reportedly says he didn't push Passante; however, police felt there was enough evidence there to charge the Storage Wars star with that one count of domestic violence battery. EW also separately confirmed the incident, with Kimberly Edds of the Orange County District Attorney's office noting that "out-of-custody misdemeanors" have not been happening in the courts recently and it could be a while before Schulz's charges are addressed.

Brandi Passante and Jarrod Schulz always had a bit of a tumultuous relationship on Storage Wars, with Brandi often criticizing Jarrod's decisions in regards to which storage units he planned to buy and whether those would actually be worth money. He irritated her by relying on her to do a lot of the leg work in regards to how much the items in the storage unit were worth. That dynamic has always been kind of their schtick, which fit in well with the rest of the Storage Wars auctioneers. This is a show that once had an on-set brawl, after all.

Regardless, when Season 13 premiered this spring, the two mentioned they had quietly split up two years ago after filming Season 12 of the show, which aired in 2018. Still, much of the banter between the two this season had him trying to buy units she was eyeing or had her being critical of his choices. At one point during the Season 13 premiere, she called him an "idiot" for spending money on one particular unit, for example.

Both Brandi Passante and Jarrod Schulz rose to fame on Storage Wars as a young couple. They even got their own spinoff on A&E in 2014 called Brandi & Jarrod: Married to the Job. Though never officially married, the two were a couple for a long time and do share two children together, which Brandi previously said on Facebook she has "24/7."

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