Storage Wars' Barry Weiss Hospitalized With Injuries After Motorcycle Crash

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Storage Wars alum Barry Weiss is in the hospital after getting into a motorcycle accident. The long-time antique collector-turned-reality star is reportedly suffering from a “serious chest and leg trauma.” A friend, who was also involved in the crash, posted a message to social media that updated fans and the general public about the incident.

Barry Weiss' friend, who goes by Jamie, walked away with his own share of injuries, per his Instagram post under the MotoGeo profile. He reportedly suffered a broken knee, a broken elbow, and a broken wrist. It was added that Weiss was in “much worse” condition than Jamie, and that he was dealing with serious chest and leg trauma. Weiss is reportedly in ICU in an L.A. hospital, but is thankfully not in critical condition.

The accident occurred on Thursday, April 25, in an area of Los Feliz, California. Barry Weiss and his friend were riding their motorcycles when, according to TMZ, a car pulled out from a parking space without the driver properly checking for other motorists. Weiss and his friend each collided with the back of the vehicle, sending both men and their bikes to the ground.

Following the accident, an ambulance arrived at the scene, and Barry Weiss was later placed in the ICU in stable condition. Drugs and alcohol were reportedly not a factor in the crash.

Storage Wars fans have known of Barry Weiss ever since he starred in Season 1, earning the nickname Barry the Collector. He left the show in Season 4 and took on a new challenge – starring in his own spinoff. Considering it was about him, the spinoff was aptly titled Barry’d Treasure, and it ran for a single season in 2014.

Barry Weiss was not done with his Storage Wars spinoffs yet. The year after Barry’d Treasure aired, he was back. In 2015, Weiss headlined the new spinoff -- Storage Wars: Barry Strikes Back. In it, he and Kenny Crossley gave commentary on past Storage Wars episodes.

Barry Weiss is also connected to another well-known reality star. He is the godfather of Jesse James, of Monster Garage and Jesse James Is a Dead Man fame. As those who have followed celebrity news through the years will recall, James was married to actress Sandra Bullock. Their marriage began in 2005 before ending in 2010.

Barry Weiss' motorcycle accident comes shortly after another Storage Wars star announced that he was dealing with some serious health-related issues. Darrell Sheets, who left the series in 2017, suffered a heart attack in March and was hospitalized. He announced that he would have to have surgery after suffering a “mild heart attack,” per TMZ. Sheets was diagnosed with congestive heart failure and a “severe issue with his lungs.”

Storage Wars premiered in 2010 and has been airing ever since. The premise surrounding the contents of storage lockers that are sold in a cash-only auction has captivated for almost a decade, and fans never know what will be discovered next.

Storage Wars airs on A&E, and is currently in its 12th season.

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