Why Adam Levine Is Returning To The Voice For Season 20 Finale

It's been four seasons since The Voice featured Adam Levine in one of its four signature coach's chairs, locked in the heat of a war of words with fellow coach Blake Shelton. It's been a fairly less tumultuous selection of seasons in the meantime, with Nick Jonas and John Legend not being nearly as antagonizing as Levine was. In any case, the pop star will actually make a surprising return to The Voice soon for its Season 20 finale.

No, Adam Levine's Voice comeback isn't tied to him usurping the addition of next season's new coach Ariana Grande, and it's also not going to involve him dressed up a monkey strapped to Blake Shelton's back. It won't have anything to do with the coaches at all, as Levine will be taking part in the all-star finale from a performance perspective.

According to TVLine, Adam Levine will be joined by his fellow band members for an official Maroon 5 performance of their latest release, "Beautiful Mistakes," with rapper and guest vocalist Megan Thee Stallion also on tap to join in. It's presumed that's the only song they will perform, but considering how big a part of The Voice Levine was after so many years, it seems like he'll find other ways to pop up in the episode even if he's not under the stage's spotlight.

As it usually goes, The Voice is delivering quite a celebrity-filled season finale for Season 20. Beyond Adam Levine, Maroon 5 and Megan Thee Stallion, viewers can also expect to see former coach Gwen Stefani returning to the stage for a "Slow Clap" performance with rapper Saweetie. Meanwhile, Blake Shelton will stand in front of everyone to belt out the song "Minimum Wage," while this season's mega-mentor Snoop Dogg will bring the track "Sittin on Blades" to viewers alongside DJ Battlecat. Kelsea Ballerini, who temporarily replaced Kelly Clarkson during Season 20, will perform her single "Half of My Hometown." Perhaps the biggest performances of the night, however, will be put on by Justin Bieber, who will deliver a mash-up version of his hugely popular tracks "Peaches" and "Hold On."

While it would be cool to watch Adam Levine and Justin Bieber throw down with some Battles Round performances, the two superstars likely won't get into all that. However, fans will be able to watch each of the four coaches - Blake Shelton, John Legend, Kelly Clarkson and the recently injured Nick Jonas - sharing the stage for duets with their respective finalists.

The Voice Season 20 will air its highly anticipated two-part finale on NBC across Monday, May 24, and Tuesday, May 25, with episodes starting each day at 8:00 p.m. ET. This might be the last time fans see The Voice for a while, with the network possibly shifting to once cycle per year going forward, so think about that while checking out all all the big 2021 Summer TV shows on the way.

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