The Voice Fans Are Getting Tired Of Adam Levine's Snide Remarks

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Adam Levine's sarcasm and biting remarks towards Blake Shelton have been a staple of The Voice for several seasons, but it's possible viewers won't want to take it much longer. The coach went into his usual jabs and snide remarks towards Blake during Monday's live battle episode, and apparently, some of the things he said ruffled some feathers on social media. A number of viewers took offense to Adam's "jokes" and began to lash out at the coach on Twitter.

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The tweets criticizing Adam Levine were sporadic throughout the night, although a fair few appeared after the coach was going on about how much he hates Blake Shelton. Levine went along with his evaluation of the performance, but also kept coming back to how much he hates Blake in a series of jokes that didn't quite land with the live audience in attendance. There were no boos, but the lack of laughter made the jokes sound more cruel.

Some at home didn't think Adam's jokes were funny either, and made it known that they didn't think the coach was being anything other than rude. To make a long story short, it wasn't a good look.

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In Adam's defense, he wasn't being any more rude than he typically is in these bits with Blake Shelton. The Voice has featured the two in "fights" like this quite often, so it's not like the moment was particularly off brand or out of character. What's more likely is this is the downside of a live show, in which Levine's jabs can't be edited to be more humorous, or cut to show Blake isn't taking the insults seriously.

At least, that's what The Voice fans can hope, as not everyone believes it's all fun and games between Blake and Adam. There's a couple Twitter users watching who apparently think Adam's tone was on the level its been this season, and that the edge between the two coaches has escalated this season compared to past seasons.

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It's worth mentioning that Blake Shelton went on the record with his relationship with Adam Levine to The Tennessean, and admitted that things do occasionally get tense between the two of them. They can be at each other's throats, and know exactly how to drive the other one crazy. With that said, Shelton said both agree never to end the day angry, and he's listed Levine as one of the best friends that he's ever had.

So, while it's possible the two's relationship may have changed since that 2017 interview, it's more than likely Blake is going to forgive his friend and they'll be fine by tomorrow's results show. In the meantime, Levine might want to stay away from Twitter because The Voice's fans are coming for him harder than they were after last season's controversy.

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It's not quite as bad as the criticism he got following the Super Bowl, so that's a positive, right?

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