After Ariana Grande Reveals Huge Engagement Ring, Fans Speculate There’s A Lovely Story Behind It

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Ariana Grande has never been married, but she did recently get engaged to her beau Dalton Gomez. In fact, he gave her a huge rock ahead of the Christmas holiday. (Though she's not the only celeb to gain a stunning new ring this year.) After sharing her beautiful ring on social, some eagle-eyed fans think there’s more to the ring than may at first meet the eye. If they are right, there’s a lovely story behind her new ring.

First of all, if you haven’t looked beyond the huge diamond Ariana Grande has been sporting on her ring finger, I don’t blame you. The singer posted what seemed to be an innocuous post on Instagram that led into a really pretty look at her new bling. If you haven’t taken a look, you can do so now.

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As you can see, it’s an unusual setting sporting a diamond and a pearl and it's reportedly worth several hundred thousand dollars. Some fans think the pearl next to the diamond may even be a specific pearl that Ariana Grande herself shared with her fanbase some years ago. If that’s true, the pearl is a lovely touch and has plenty of significance for Grande and her family.

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Why Ariana Grande’s Fans Know About The Pearl

To find out how Ariana Grande’s fans know about the sweet potential story behind the pearl, you’d need to go all the way back to 2014, a year when Grande was already engaging with her fanbase on Twitter. The “7 Rings” singer shared a story then about a ring her grandmother had made for her from a tie pin that her grandfather used to sport.

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Cut to six years later and now the star is engaged with a ring that sports a pearl along with a large diamond. It’s unclear if Ariana Grande just really likes pearls, if this is the specific pearl, or if this an homage to the pearl story she shared back in the day. Grande is generally open about this sort of thing, so I hope that she shares the full story of the ring and what it possibly symbolizes one day. Though it may be some time, as Ariana Grande is currently busy promoting her new album Positions.

This is the technically the second time that Ariana Grande has been engaged, though she has not previously been married. She and Pete Davidson had a high-profile relationship that led to an engagement, though it did not ultimately land her at the altar. Prior to dating Pete Davidson, the “God is a Woman” singer also dated Mac Miller, before his untimely death in 2018. It's unclear when Grande and her real estate agent partner got together, though they were seen snogging back in February before quarantine kicked in. We’ll be sure to keep you updated as her nuptials with Dalton Gomez move forward.

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