Why The Kominsky Method's Kathleen Turner Thinks Her Season 3 Relationship With Michael Douglas Is So ‘Lovely’

The Kominsky Method is coming to a close, as the Netflix dramedy is preparing to sign off with a third and final season. The new season brings a number of changes to the Michael Douglas-led show, such as the death of Sandy Kominsky’s agent and best friend, Norman Newlander, and the impending nuptials of Kominsky’s daughter, Mindy, and boyfriend Martin. And it’s the latter development that leads to the return of Norman’s ex-wife, Roz Volander, played by the incomparable Kathleen Turner. Roz and Sandy have a complex relationship, to say the least, but it’s one that Turner finds to be quite “lovely.”

There’s a bit of animosity between Kathleen Turner’s Roz and Michael Douglas’ Sandy, as their marriage didn’t quite end amicably. Turner originally made a guest appearance as Roz in Season 2, during which she spoke with Sandy over the phone about Mindy’s love life. The sharp exchanges seemed to paint a certain picture of their relationship, but Season 3 manages to flesh it out much more. I recently had the opportunity to speak with Ms. Turner about the new season and, during our chat, she explained how she found out she would upgraded to a series regular and why she loves Sandy and Roz’s relationship:

I didn’t know [my character was coming back]. I guess I kind of hoped, a little and hoped that was why Chuck [Lorre] had brought me in for that scene [in Season 2]. And then, he called me before [COVID] started, to talk to me about how he saw the character and the storyline developing and arcing, and it was fascinating. I mean the idea that two people who had ended in so much bitterness, such anger, could come back together, having to put up with each other because they both want their daughter to be well. And then finding out that they’re remembering kind of what it was that attracted them to each other in the first place. And it’s weird. At one point, in one scene, they kind of look at each other and go, ‘Oh, this is strange.’ But it’s a lovely growth. I said to Chuck Lorre, ‘My god, you’re writing adults.’

What Kathleen Turner loved about Sandy and Roz’s relationship in Season 3 is that the two find themselves reconnecting in a natural way, despite the circumstances that drove them apart. They also manage to find common ground through what initially attracted them to each other and their shared love for their child. So while the two definitely aren’t in love anymore, they do still care for each other deeply.

Although writer and producer Chuck Lorre handles the characters well, one of the biggest reasons the relationship works so well is that Michael Douglas and Kathleen Turner are great in the roles. The legendary co-stars still have the sharp chemistry they’ve showcased in films like Romancing the Stone and The War of the Roses. While their two characters can keep the one-liners flying, the two performers manage to keep their characters authentic.

Sandy and Roz are really going to need each other this season, as they contend with the changes in their lives, especially their daughter’s upcoming wedding. And as they prepare for the event, you can bet the ex-spouses will have some sweet scenes along the way.

The Kominsky Method Season 3 arrives Friday, May 28 on Netflix.

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