Michael Douglas Is Finally Returning To TV For A Big Netflix Show

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More and more movie stars have been migrating to the small screen in recent years, and Michael Douglas is joining the crowd. He is attached to appear in an upcoming comedy series that will bring him to television in a regular role for the first time in more than 40 years. Douglas will star in a brand new comedy on Netflix that will be called The Kominsky Method.

The Kominsky Method will follow the life of an actor who became a legendary acting coach in Hollywood after winning 15 minutes of fame long ago. His friend and talent agent is on hand to help him out and probably join him in some shenanigans. Michael Douglas is slated to star as the acting coach, with Alan Arkin playing the friend and agent. These two screen veterans should make for an engaging lead duo for the new comedy.

The new show has a recipe for success beyond Michael Douglas and Alan Arkin. Variety reports that Chuck Lorre of The Big Bang Theory is on board as writer and executive producer. If Lorre can bring the magic touch that turned Big Bang Theory into the hit it is today, The Kominsky Method could be a major success for Netflix.

News of this new project comes just as Chuck Lorre has another comedy set to debut on the streaming service. Disjointed will premiere on Netflix on August 25 and star Kathy Bates as the owner of a medical marijuana dispensary, and the trailer looks wild. Lorre seems to have a knack for attracting movie stars to sitcoms. It should be interesting to see how Michael Douglas performs on the small screen once again.

Michael Douglas is probably best known nowadays for his roles in Basic Instinct, Wall Street, and Ant-Man. Not too many people may be aware that one of his biggest early breaks came from the small screen. He starred in the ABC crime drama The Streets of San Francisco back in the 1970s. Douglas was a series regular in the first four seasons, but he left early in the fifth and final season after the success of One Flew Over the Cuckoo's Nest, which he produced. While he has returned to television in the years since, he hasn't gotten back into an ongoing series as a regular. In fact, he played himself more often than not. The Kominsky Method will be a big change for Douglas.

Netflix has not yet announced when The Kominsky Method might be ready to debut, so we may have a while to wait before we see Michael Douglas back in action on the small screen. He'll be back on the big screen next summer, when he reprises his role as Dr. Hank Pym for the sequel to Ant-Man.

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