After Major Return To Law And Order Universe, Christopher Meloni Thanks Crew And Looks Ahead To Season 2

Christopher Meloni as Elliot Stabler in Law & Order: Organized Crime.

Law & Order: Organized Crime’s first season is nearly done, and series star Christopher Meloni is looking ahead to the next season. The Law & Order spinoff is airing its season finale later this week, and Meloni is already taking the time to thank the crew for their hard work and getting able to tell a story.

In a brand new Instagram post, Christopher Meloni also wore a shirt with “OC OG 1st 8” on it, and included in the caption, “1st 8 are in the books. 22 to come,” indicating that he’s ready for the next season (generally network seasons include 22 episodes). Law & Order: Organized Crime actually marked Meloni’s triumphant return to the Law & Order universe, following his departure from SVU after that show's first 12 seasons. Take a look at his full thank you post.

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Earlier this month, Organized Crime’s showrunner Ilene Chaiken teased just how the Season 1 finale set up Season 2 and what fans can expect from Stabler and Danielle Moné Truitt’s Sgt. Ayanna Bell, not sugar coating the fact there will indeed be a cliffhanger. It’s interesting to note that at the time, the series had not yet been picked up for a second season by NBC. Though considering it is a Law & Order spinoff, more specifically an SVU spinoff, the chances were high for a renewal. And good thing too, because shows ending finales on cliffhangers are more or less the worst thing ever.

At this point, however, the show is renewed and in the fall, Law & Order will be taking up Thursday nights on NBC. The newest spinoff Law & Order: For the Defense kicks off the night, followed by SVU and then Organized Crime. While it’s so far unknown if any of the characters from SVU will make a permanent move to the newer shows, it’s likely that fans can at least expect more crossovers in the near future, especially more from Stabler and Benson, depending on how things turn out for her in the upcoming SVU season finale.

Meanwhile, the first season of Law & Order: Organized Crime has painted a different picture for Elliot Stabler. A crossover with SVU launched the spinoff, and some saw Stabler as a potential threat, even after being away for a decade. Following the death of wife, Kathy, Stabler’s life took an emotional, and messy, turn, dealing with PTSD while also investigating his wife’s murder. However, being reunited with his former partner has proven to be good to him, and hopefully fans will see more of them in the upcoming seasons later this year.

How the first season of Organized Crime will come to an end with that cliffhanger will be something to look forward to. And what the second season will consist of, as well as what crossovers could be in store, are up in the air. But Christopher Meloni is ready to tackle the next season and is surely excited for what’s to come.

Law & Order: Organized Crime’s Season 1 finale airs this Thursday, June 3 at 10 p.m. EST on NBC.

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