How Law And Order: Organized Crime Is Planning Ahead For Season 2

Christopher Meloni as Elliot Stabler in Law and Order: Organized Crime.

Spoilers ahead for Season 1, Episode 5 of Law & Order: Organized Crime “An Inferior Product.”

Although Season 1 of Law and Order: Organized Crime is still airing, it’s already time to look ahead to Season 2, which was recently announced. Not much as known just yet, but showrunner Ilene Chaiken is teasing how the Season 1 finale is setting up the second season.

The latest Law and Order spinoff, which follows SVU’s Elliot Stabler, still has a handful of episodes left in the first season but, despite that and the fact that Season 2 only just received the green light, the writer's room was already planning what could lie ahead for Christopher Meloni's Stabler. Ilene Chaiken told TVInsider that she and her team planted seeds for a potential second season in Season 1's finale and teased what’s in store for Stabler and Ayanna Bell:

There are some cliffhangers in the finale, but it’s conclusive to the point that our plan, assuming there’s a second season, is you may see some of these characters again. They may appear in stories, but we’ll tell a new story in Season 2 and in Season 2.1 or however it is we parse it out. As Dick Wolf said, we’re going to tell stories in pods. However many episodes we wind up doing, we’ll play out an arc and then begin a new story. The show is serialized. There will be some mostly character elements, but also some threads that carry over, but we won’t be exclusively telling the Richard Wheatley story in a new season. There will be a new main adversary for Stabler and Bell, should there be a second season.

Following a break for both shows, Organized Crime’s second crossover with SVU dropped a bombshell on Detective Elliot Stabler. While SVU’s case led the squad to a knock-off version of mobster Richard Wheatley’s purple magic, new evidence came to light that connected Richard’s right-hand man, Izak Bekher, to the bombing that killed Stabler’s wife Kathy. However, when Izak was confronted, it was revealed that Richard wasn’t the one to order Kathy's death. The mobster’s ex-wife Angela, whom Stabler had been getting close to and kissed, did.

While it seems like Richard Wheatley won’t be told much in Season 2, it raises the big question of who's going to cause trouble for Stabler and Bell -- and will they do the same for the SVU team? And now that there's going to be yet another new Law & Order joining the mix with For the Defense, how will that impact Season 2 of Organized Crime? It'll be interesting to see what those season finale cliffhangers are and how exactly they set up Season 2.

Law & Order: Organized Crime airs Thursdays at 10 p.m. ET on NBC.

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