Will A Million Little Things Really Let Sophie Resolve Her Assault Trauma In The Season 3 Finale?

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Warning: spoilers ahead for Episode 16 of A Million Little Things Season 3, called "No One Is To Blame."

The Season 3 finale of A Million Little Things is less than a week away, and fans can be confident that the show is going to close the third season with some pretty big developments. ABC is airing the finale as a two-hour event on June 9, and both parts will feature Sophie in her efforts to resolve the trauma from her sexual assault at the hands of her music teacher. Her decision to report Peter in "No One Is To Blame" was undoubtedly brave, but the episode description and promo for the finale definitely don't indicate that she's going to have an easy time of chasing justice.

Fittingly, the two parts of the Season 3 finale event are called "Justice: Part 1" and "Justice: Part 2," and they even share an episode description. The finale has a lot in store for all the characters, but Sophie is top-billed in the description for a reason. Check out the official ABC episode description for the "Justice" Season 3 finale:

Sophie seeks justice for her trauma, and Maggie forces Gary to take a hard look at himself and his relationships. Meanwhile, Eddie goes to extreme measures to fight for his family, and Rome and Regina make big changes for their future.

Rome and Regina making changes for their future was inevitable after "No One Is To Blame" revealed that the effects of the concussion caused Regina to accidentally miss a deadline that would allow her to keep her restaurant afloat as she (hopefully) recovered, prompting Rome to agree to handle a root beer commercial that made a mockery out of the Black Lives Matter movement because they'll need the money.

Additionally, Eddie going to "extreme measures" and Gary dealing with relationship drama aren't twists that haven't happened before. Sophie's storyline seems to be the one to really watch. After her emotional scenes with Rome this week after she confessed to suicidal thoughts (and has been dreaming of Layla, who killed herself due to what Peter did to her), Sophie made the decision to go to the police. Unfortunately, the promo for the finale indicates that she's going to face some opposition. Take a look:

Hey, at least Delilah will be back to literally be a shoulder for Sophie to cry on, if that's what her daughter needs, although Maggie is the one holding her hand at the beginning of the preview. It also looks like Gary's temper will be flaring, and that could mean bad things both for Sophie's case and for Gary himself. After all, it looks like he's starting to lose his temper at the police station! Are we in for another huge cliffhanger?

At this point, I'm just hoping that Sophie's trauma doesn't get worse. It might be overly optimistic to cross fingers hoping that everything will be better by the end of the two-hour finale. But A Million Little Things has surprised me before! Find out if Sophie gets her justice with the Season 3 finale of A Million Little Things on Wednesday, June 9 starting at 9 p.m. ET on ABC.

The season of finales is coming to an end, meaning that some all-new shows are hitting the airwaves, with A Million Little Things renewed to return for Season 4 in the 2021-2022 TV season.

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