How A Million Little Things Will Handle Sophie’s Traumatic Experience Moving Forward

Lizzie Greene as Sophie Dixon in A Million Little Things.
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Warning: Spoilers for A Million Little Things Season 3, Episode 10 “Trust Me.”

The latest episode of ABC’s A Million Little Things put one character through a traumatic experience that few might have been able to see coming just a few weeks ago. Lizzy Greene, who portrays Sophie Dixon on the drama, reveals how the series will move forward following her character's experience.

In the most recent episode of A Million Little Things, Sophie unknowingly became the victim of her guitar teacher’s sexually deviant behavior. The experience left the young teenager traumatized, and her long road to recovery is only just beginning. Lizzy Greene told TV Guide that not only will the storyline continue as the season progresses, but how Sophie will act following the events and what she’s thinking will also be a big part. Here's how the actress put it:

We'll definitely see this play out more so as the season progresses, but when you think about what she's given up, like Harvard for example, which is a bond she shared with her father, and it was because he's an alumni, and they had all these plans of what they were going to do when she went to Harvard. Her giving that up was a big deal and how she ended a relationship over wanting to have more time to be able to pursue this music career. She puts so much effort and energy into this and practically just puts all of her eggs in this basket. After this happens to her, she is in the back of her mind asking, ‘Was I ever even talented?’ I think that's one of the most heartbreaking things. There's also that question of did Peter ever even see me as a musician? Or did he ever see me as someone who was wanting to take this seriously? We're going to really see this play out later on in the season. There are going to be some really great scenes with a few of the other cast [members] really getting into this specific question about what she is going to do with that music and what her plans are for the future.

Moving forward is difficult for many survivors of sexual assault, no matter how much of a support system they have, and dealing with feelings of guilt and shame. Lizzy Greene explained that Sophie will struggle with that, while also leaning on those who can help her the most:

Unfortunately, what's really common with survivors of sexual violence is there's the struggle with guilt and shame. We're going to see that happen. She's going to ask herself these questions of 'Was I partially responsible for what happened?' Of course, the answer is absolutely not. Sophie did nothing wrong and I'm really hoping that she's going to realize that. She's going to really lean on Maggie's insight, which is going to be really important because Maggie can give her both her advice as someone that Sophie loves and also as a therapist.

How A Million Little Things will move forward following Sophie’s traumatic experience and the events of the last episode will be interesting. The storyline will surely be a prominent one for the remainder of the season. With this type of dramatic plot, the next few episodes for Sophie could be heavily emotional. A Million Little Things airs Wednesdays at 10 p.m. ET on ABC.

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