A Million Little Things’ David Giuntoli Reacts To Eddie’s Unexpected Fate Following Cliffhanger

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Spoiler Alert: Huge spoilers for A Million Little Things’ Season 3 premiere are discussed below.

A Million Little Things revealed the unexpected aftermath of last season’s shocking cliffhanger that saw Eddie struck by a car. Heading into the Season 3 premiere, viewers couldn't be 100% certain about whether Eddie would survive the potentially fatal collision. While David Giuntoli had tried to console fans over his character’s fate, questions remained. Now, Giuntoli has reacted to Eddie’s surprising outcome, which saw Eddie survive with some physical repercussions.

As of A Million Little Things’ Season 3 premiere, Eddie is paralyzed from the waist down. Thus, marking a twist in Eddie’s storyline that has seen him cheat on his wife and father a baby with Delilah. Eddie’s wife Katherine was understandably infuriated by the revelation about Delilah and the baby before ultimately forgiving him despite their relationship’s initially grim outlook. In light of all of it, Eddie is actually facing some consequences, which is a point David Giuntoli responded to by telling TVLine:

That is actually true. He had some awkward dinners for a month, and that was kind of it. [Laughs] I think there’s an inherent, maybe latent, sense that justice, karmic justice, wasn’t served to Eddie. I think that the viewer will no longer feel that way. He really, really does go through a lot.

Thankfully for Eddie, Katherine is standing by him. He was actually heading to their vow renewal when he got hit by a car. He was coming with the revelation of where he was when Alex drowned. (It turned out Eddie was at his family’s lake house.) Cut to the Season 3 premiere, and Eddie is dealing with a new normal on A Million Little Things, and so are those around him.

David Giuntoli believes that the fallout will appease viewers who felt that Eddie had not suffered enough for all of his bad deeds, even if A Million Little Things slightly softened the blow for Delilah by revealing that Jon had also cheated during their marriage. Last season revealed that Jon had fathered a son named PJ. Eddie’s guilt remains, and as it stands on the show, it seems as though it is treating Eddie’s paralysis as “penance.”

Whether or not Eddie’s condition will be long-term remains to get seen. Season 3 has only just begun. Sadly, television tends to treat paralysis as a short-term storyline that characters go through (think Arrow’s Felicity storyline) before regaining their physical mobility. In A Million Little Things’ case, it is seemingly being used as a “punishment.” For Eddie, the hit-and-run and its aftermath means him having to deal with more than an “awkward” dinner or two.

Based on what David Giuntoli shared, Eddie’s journey has only just begun. Fans who want to see Eddie’s redemptive arc as he confronts paralysis will want to stay tuned. A Million Little Things is no stranger to dealing with death. It began with Jon’s. Eddie is alive and undoubtedly thankful to be so.

His journey in dealing with paralysis is relatively in its infancy, and it sounds like it will stretch into Season 3. Find out how Eddie deals with his new normal when A Million Little Things airs new episodes Thursdays at 10:01 p.m. ET on ABC. For more drama, check out the shows that are heading to 2021’s winter/spring schedule.

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