Jennifer Aniston's Having The Best Time Sharing Friends Reunion Details, Including About That Outfit Choice

screenshot jennifer aniston friends the reunion

screenshot jennifer aniston friends the reunion

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Friends: The Reunion gave die-hard fans who watched all the feels. The former cast gathered once again on Stage 24 to honor the pop cultural phenomenon with iconic table reads, anecdotes and even some choice guest appearances. Following the release of the special on HBO Max, Jennifer Aniston is having the best time sharing more details about the reunion and that (iconic) outfit choice.

Jennifer Aniston’s character Rachel Green on Friends was somewhat of a trendsetter and style icon during the show’s ten season run. Everyone was scrambling to get "the Rachel” hairdo that really just meant: low-lights, layers, and framed around the face. Fans should also know a signature Rachel Green look when they see one and they saw it again at the Friends reunion: the sleeveless turtleneck. And no, you’re not crazy to think it was by accident, because Aniston jokingly alluded to it in her Instagram Stories. See her first post here:

Jennifer Aniston funny Friends post

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A black sleeveless turtleneck is definitely…a choice. Whether good or bad is up for debate. But Jennifer Aniston wearing it at the Friends reunion special was more than that. It was definitely a wink and nod specifically for fans of Rachel Green. Aniston’s next post on her Instagram Stories would only confirm it. Check out these pics and have all the more feels:

The Rachel hair and cropped turtleneck look

(Image credit: Jennifer Aniston Instagram)

The willingness of Jennifer Aniston to lean into her Friends iconography is beautiful to see. But there’s another ode in the reunion that Aniston has yet to playfully hint at, despite eagle-eyed fans pointing it out. As one spectator put it on Twitter, “Two minutes into the Friends reunion and Jennifer Aniston’s nipples have already reclaimed their territory.” See the evidence gathered by another fan here:

Sleeveless turtlenecks and fashion faux pas, intentional or not, aren’t the only ways Jennifer Aniston has been celebrating the Friends reunion. The actress has been “basking in all the love” by posting countless throwback and behind-the-scenes reunion pics. The selfie with former co-stars David Schwimmer, Courtney Cox, Lisa Kudrow and Matt LeBlanc is what really got fans, who were figuratively “dying” and “sobbing” in the comments.

Each of the former Friends castmates may have been paid around the figure of $2.5 million each to be at the reunion, but it’s clear the love is still real after the fact. Lisa Kudrow shared recently how the emotional reconnection of the main cast was very much real and the show was “who we were.” David Schwimmer also posted behind-the-scenes pics of their “cast huddle” from the original show, the reunion and their zoom meet-ups.

If you haven’t watched the Friends reunion special yet, there are countless more Easter eggs and wild facts to mine. My personal favorite – that Brad Pitt was Jennifer Aniston’s favorite guest on the show. The tea... Check out the reunion and original series all on HBO Max.

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