Jupiter’s Legacy Star Josh Duhamel Reacts To Netflix’s Unexpected Cancellation With ‘Sexy Santa’ Selfie

bearded josh duhamel with short hair as the utopian in netflix's jupiter's legacy
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Netflix's recently dropped a big super-powered axe down on another high-profile show, with the comic book adaptation Jupiter's Legacy getting cancelled after only a single season. Albeit a season that wasn't warmly adored by all. Despite the disappointing and unexpected news, star Josh Duhamel was clearly looking on the bright side of life - [whistles] - in his latest Instagram post, where he celebrated his "sexy Santa" look and jokingly (or not) let Hulu know his talents are up for grabs again.

After having already shared a more traditionally mournful post about Jupiter's Legacy's cancellation, which we'll get to a little lower, Josh Duhamel shared a selfie of himself on Instagram still rocking The Utopian's latter-day look with his long white hair, just without Utopian's costume around to cover his shirtless torso.

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Is Sexy Santa Summer one where Santa Claus is too naughty even for his own naughty list? Or is it one where Mrs. Claus is the one with the red nose instead of Rudolph, because...well, I can't quickly think of a reason why that would indicate sexy. Mood lighting, maybe?

It's great to see that Josh Duhamel had some holiday-esque mirth to share after hearing about Jupiter's Legacy facing cancellation at Netflix. It's a huge blow to all involved on both sides of the screen, seeing as how Season 1 was tailor-made to set up a second season, and thus presented far more questions than answers over the course of its eight episodes. Even comic co-creator Mark Millar seemed low-key confident that the streaming service would make good on a season renewal as part of his overall deal with the company. Now it looks like he'll be diving into the in-development adaptation of Supercrooks, with the loose notion that another season could happen down the road in an anthological sense, much like how the comic arcs have been released.

But will Josh Duhamel be there to take on more superhero action scenes by reprising the role of Sheldon Sampson if that follow-up season ever enters into existence? It's certainly possible, considering how much he seemed to enjoy working with the ensemble cast and the big-budget drama's extensive crew, as indicated in his other post-cancellation Instagram post:

It’s never easy to hear that a project you cared about/ believed in/ put so much into is ending prematurely. It was a challenge and a privilege to dive into the character of Sheldon/ Utopian. I got to do things as an actor that took me to places I had never been. A big thank you to @netflix for giving us this opportunity and an even bigger thank you to the fans - you took us to the #1 spot around the world and we stayed there for almost 2 weeks. Your support of the show means everything. . . . #NoLegacyLivesForever (But maybe this one will)

Of course, Josh Duhamel's return as The Utopian would almost necessarily require the actor to not be caught up in a giant contract with Hulu over some show where he plays a hunky Christmas icon. Or any other role, for that matter. Part of Duhamel's optimism may be tied to his upcoming "dream" role opposite Jennifer Lopez in the film Shotgun Wedding, for which he replaced exiting star Armie Hammer. It seems like working with J.Lo in any capacity would be a mood-lifter, so here's hoping that film turns out to be a more obvious success than Jupiter's Legacy was.

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