The Vampire Diaries’ Nina Dobrev and Kat Graham Reunite For Sweet Photo

Nina Dobrev as Elena Gilbert and Kat Graham as Bonnie Bennett in The Vampire Diaries.

Four years after the conclusion of The Vampire Diaries, most of the show's cast has remained close. Recently, on-screen BFFs Nina Dobrev and Kat Graham reunited for a photo after what seems like a lifetime, which is sure to make fans ecstatic. And yes, the snapshot is just as sweet as you're probably thinking it is.

Nina Dobrev and Kat Graham, who played Elena Gilbert and Bonnie Bennett, respectively, on the CW series, recently had a reunion and it looks like nothing has changed between them. They both shared a sweet photo to their Instagrams, and you can check out Dobrev's post down below:

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Seriously, how can you not love this photo of the two former castmates? While Nina Dobrev’s caption was simply a heart, Kat Graham's provided some beautiful thoughts on the actress' relationship with her Dobrev. She wrote about how grateful she is to have her Dobrev in her life and how the two will continue to be there for each other as time goes on:

I saw this quote hanging on Nina’s wall at home and it says “friendship isn’t just one big thing, it’s a million little things.” Here’s to many more little things. To many more laughs, to taking chances, and always fighting for what’s right… Love you Nina. I am so deeply grateful for you in my life.

TVD fans are living a great life right now. In addition to Nina Dobrev and Kat Graham’s reunion, Paul Wesley and Ian Somerhalder recently released their Brother’s Bond Bourbon, proving that even beyond the series, the on-screen brothers are always going to be family. It’s always nice to see a TV show's cast reunite years after working together, whether it's for an actual reunion special or on their own time.

Last year, Nina Dobrev actually hung out with Paul Wesley. She shared a picture of herself, Wesley and his wife, Ines de Ramon, cuddling some adorable pups, and it was enough to melt even the coldest of hearts. And while it’s not known what brought up Dobrev’s reunion with Kat Graham, Dobrev did recently post on Instagram that she was taking a road trip. Perhaps she was planning on seeing Graham or she just decided to take a detour and stroll down memory lane.

Even though The Vampire Diaries ended in 2017, the world of the supernatural lives on. Spinoff series Legacies has contained plenty of references to its predecessor. In a special episode that premiered earlier in the season, the Salvatore school put on a musical depicting the history of Mystic Falls, which was basically a musical retelling of The Vampire Diaries. The episode also included a surprise cameo from a TVD alum.

While it’s unknown whether the TVD cast will ever fully reunite again, you can relive Nina Dobrev and Kat Graham’s friendship on The Vampire Diaries, which is streaming on Netflix in its entirety. Meanwhile, check out the shows you can look forward to this summer with our 2021 summer TV schedule!

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