Grey's Anatomy Star Ellen Pompeo Had Classiest Response To Fan Calling Latest Season 'Trash'

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Well, I don't think anyone would dismiss the idea that Grey's Anatomy Season 17 was an emotional roller coaster, and probably not to everyone's taste in the way several things were handled. The show dove right into the pandemic, and had its surgeons deal with not just a hospital filled to bursting with nearly more COVID patients than they could handle, but they also had to fight to try and keep Meredith (and Tom) alive when she contracted the virus early in the season. Now, star Ellen Pompeo has spoken out with a truly classy response after a fan called this season "trash."

Look, the most recent season of Grey's Anatomy was probably too much for a lot of fans. As we were all still very much dealing with the many terrors the pandemic had wrought upon our real lives, we couldn't even escape into some dramatic but sometimes silly fun with one of our favorite shows, because Meredith, Bailey, Link, Jackson, et al. were also very deeply impacted by those troubling waters. Now that the Season 17 finale is a few weeks behind us, a fan took to Twitter to say they hated the season, but Ellen Pompeo had a very classy response. Take a look!

Wow! Right? On one hand, what was Ellen Pompeo supposed to say to a fan who decided to speak directly to her and everyone who follows Grey's Anatomy on Twitter, and called out the season for being trash? But, on the other hand, even considering that Pompeo could have said nothing or gotten angry, this is still the most chill response I think any of us could have imagined. It's so classy, in fact, that I have no problem seeing Pompeo reading this disappointed tweet and not even getting mad at it for a second before pulling back.

Of course, what Ellen Pompeo says is totally true. No show is going to be able to please all fans all of the time, especially when it gets into Season 17. That's a looooong time to try to keep viewers happy, and it's not always going to work. With all of that time, though, it's probably helped Pompeo and the rest of the team behind Grey's Anatomy to be able to understand that fans who are passionate about the show are going to open up when things aren't going the way they want, and that leaving some people upset is just the price of doing business.

While we did see some good things happen during Season 17 (Maggie and Winston got married!), there were a lot of not very good things fans had to wade through in many episodes, on top of all the pandemic happenings. Sure, Jackson and April reunited, but he's now chosen to start over with her somewhere else. Tom decided to join him after beating COVID, and, yeah, don't even get me started on poor DeLuca.

Meredith being unconscious for much of the season led to us getting to see several dead characters on her dream beach as she fought the virus, but we'll likely never get to see any of them again. And, you know, with everything her person was going through, we still saw zero Cristina Yang.

As you might imagine, a lot of fans were not happy about what this Twitter user said, and came at them pretty fierce. But, Ellen Pompeo continued to keep it classy, and came to the fan's defense, noting:

But why is someone saying they didn’t like something bad? It’s literally been on for two decades!! Let her live… there is plenty of shit I don’t like…

Ah, that's our Ellen Pompeo, folks. Keeping things chill even when she could easily get upset and have millions of fans back her up. Never change, Ellen! You're the kind of classy broad we all need in our lives right now!

Grey's Anatomy Season 18 will be back in fall 2021 with Ellen Pompeo, but for more to watch in the meantime, check our our guide to 2021 Summer TV shows!

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