The Boys Has The Best Response For Fans Who Can’t Stop, Won’t Stop Asking When Season 3 Is Coming

As one of the most unapologetically DGAF TV shows to ever exist, The Boys shouldn't be expected to come off any nicer on social media than it does on Amazon Prime Video, right? Case in point: the satirical superhero drama's twisted humor was perfectly distilled in a tweet responding to the more incessantly annoying side of the fanbase that can't go five seconds without milking, er, without asking when Season 3 is going to hit streaming. Something tells me the show's social media team has heard that inquiry a few too many times so far.

While it seems partly ludicrous to me that anyone would have sincere hopes about securing some solid release date info from The Boys' social media, I'm sure those more genuinely curious viewers are rubbing metaphorical elbows with the intentionally loud-mouthed and trollish fans. Check out the hilariously on-point message below:

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To put a pin in any potentially overblown freak-outs, The Boys' social media team is clearly just having the kind of fun with fans that Karl Urban's Billy Butcher would no doubt appreciate, since it involves not-at-all-veiled threats as well as a desire to not be constantly bothered by others, whether it's supes or normal humans. It obviously wouldn't do Amazon much good to push the Season 3 release date back a full twelve years, even though there would absolutely be some obsessed fans waiting patiently for that day to come.

The Boys star Jack Quaid popped up in that post's comments with a question of his own:

Yeah but... what month of 2033?

Of course, Jack Quaid apologized profusely after a fan pointed out his question pushed The Boys Season 3 back to a 2034 arrival. Sony TV even dropped its own playful comment, while visual effects supervisor Stephan Fleet joked with glee that it meant his team would have more time in post-production to finish polishing up Season 3. They have fun on this show, these folks do. Good times for everybody.

Of course, the fun and games on display here don't actually address the central question of when Season 3 will debut on Amazon Prime Video. Assuming it's not going to be 2035 now, the hope is that the creative team can finish out the filming process without any major delays - or anything ending prematurely, in terms of the "Herogasm" episode - at which point we'll have a better indication of when episodes could actually arrive. And maybe even more info about the upcoming spinoff.

At this point, Season 3 appears to be an even longer shoot than Season 2 was, with filming reportedly set to end in September. In comparison, Season 2 wrapped its main filming in November 2019, with the season not coming out until September 2020. Granted, COVID shutdowns and other issues played into that delay, but we still likely won't get to see new episodes with Jensen Ackles' foul-mouthed Soldier Boy until at least Spring 2022, if not later.

Of course, The Boys showrunner Eric Kripke could wake up tomorrow morning and inexplicably release half of the season as an NFT, so it's hard to truly nail down anything with this show, as much as Mother's Milk would have wanted to nail that giant dong down when it tried to choke him out in Season 2. More good times. And speaking of, be sure to keep up with all the awesome shows heading to the small screen before The Boys Season 3 as part of the 2021 Summer TV season.

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