The Boys Star Jack Quaid's BTS Pic With Jensen Ackles Is Almost As Awesome As His Teen Throwback

Season 3 of The Boys is underway for filming and the cast is sharing pictures from set. Series star Jack Quaid posted a new photo with his newest co-star, Jensen Ackles, and it’s almost as awesome as another photo he recently posted of days gone by.

Jack Quaid took to Instagram to share a photo with Jensen Ackles, who will be joining the anti-superhero series as Soldier Boy, Vought’s original superhero. Ackles has been donning a beard that most fans are not used to seeing him with, since he rarely even had facial hair beyond some stubble on Supernatural. The photo, meanwhile, has both Quaid and Ackles, what looks to be screaming. It’s one of the first the two have taken together that have made social media since filming started and it looks like Ackles is fitting right in to the crazy set.

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And while this picture of Jack Quaid and Jensen Ackles is awesome, it doesn’t compare to a previous picture Quaid posted to his Instagram. The actor posted a throwback photo of a younger him, likely a teen him, posing on a bike with a crab helmet and looking rather “cool.” Quaid hilariously questioned what happened to him and that he used to be cool. He then later posted a picture of a more current him on a bike, but it’s not nearly as awesome as the throwback.

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Although that throwback of Jack Quaid is “cool,” it’s also pretty adorable to see a young Quaid. Someone who would definitely not stand up to Butcher, The Seven or Vought. It really makes you wonder what Quaid’s Hughie Campbell was like when he was growing up and what he would think of everything he’s done in the first two seasons of The Boys. Even if Quaid and Jensen Ackles are buddies off screen, it still raises a question on how Hughie and Soldier Boy are going to be on screen together.

Production on Season 3 of The Boys started in January and Jack Quaid was quick to get fans pumped about the upcoming season of the Amazon series. Season 3 will not only introduce Jensen Ackles’ Soldier Boy, but also include a certain storyline that fans won’t be ready for, as well as the definite continuation to last season’s finale cliffhanger, that quite literally blew peoples’ heads off.

There is still no word yet on when Season 3 of The Boys is set to premiere on Amazon, but at least fans can still enjoy these behind-the-scenes pictures, courtesy of Jack Quaid. In the meantime, the first two seasons are ready to be rewatched on Amazon Prime and you can take a look at our summer 2021 TV schedule to see which shows to look forward to this summer!

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