Vampire Diaries' Kat Graham Responds To Fans Hoping For Revival After Nina Dobrev Reunion

Nina Dobrev and Kat Graham

Fans of the teenage, supernatural romance series The Vampire Diaries were elated earlier this month when stars and on-screen BFFs Nina Dobrev and Kat Graham both took to social media and shared the same picture of themselves recently hanging out together. While the actresses nearly broke the internet with that reunion, fans were trying to break it further by speculating on whether or not this meant a Vampire Diaries revival or spinoff was on the way. Graham has now responded to the hopes that an on-screen reunion is in her future, but fans probably won’t be too happy with her answer.

After TMZ caught Kat Graham at the airport to inquire about her and Nina Dobrev’s recent hang, the actress laid it out there that she's not into the idea of taking part in a Vampire Diaries revival or a reboot. In her words:

We're just always friends. We've been friends, you know? I don't think Nina and I are interested in that, but I think our friendship will be forever. That's the dream.

Kat Graham says it is pretty well-known by hardcore fans that the cast of Vampire Diaries is a tight-knit group, and that cast members are bound to hang out in real life without it relating back to the hit series. Honestly, it’s a pretty good point; the main characters of the series were together for well over a hundred episodes over the course of eight years. The bonds made in time like that don't just disappear when a project is done, even if the desire to continue on with those characters does.

Kat Graham and Nina Dobrev are indeed close friends just like their on-screen characters, and Graham showered her former co-star with compliments about her strength and loving nature. But they're not the only former Vampire Diaries stars to pal around in real life. The Salvatore brothers were at odds on screen, but their real-world counterparts Paul Wesley and Ian Somerhalder are basically brothers themselves at this point, and they even have a business together, the bourbon brand fittingly named “Brother’s Bond."

For fans who may be heartbroken over the denial of revival plans, it’s really not all bad news. It should be a consolation that the cast remains so close, and there already have been a number of TVD spinoffs, with The Originals adding more to the franchise, and Legacies is an even deeper spinoff that is still running on The CW.

Even so, the main cast that have remained so close to each other have largely avoided returns to the various spinoff series, with the exception of Paul Wesley appearing in a single episode of The Originals. This absolutely could leave something to be desired by fans of the OG series, with the idea of a revival totally leaving them drooling through their fangs.

Kat Graham’s disinterest in returning for a reboot, while super disappointing to fans, is understandable. The show ran for eight years, and only four have passed since the cast has been fully free to explore other projects full-time. The fact that the cast remains so close should bring fans at least a little comfort, because who knows what the future may hold if the cast does become nostalgic of their time together in The Vampire Diaries.

Carlie Hoke
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