American Horror Story Spinoff Trailer Introduces Rubber Suit Woman And More Creepy Monsters

Awwwww shit, everybody! Before the star-studded American Horror Story: Double Feature shows up and rattles our brains in the fall, the long-running franchise is offering up a buffet of bite-sized treats with the spinoff American Horror Stories. While it's not so clear yet what we can expect to see, FX has now given fans an extended teaser that not only confirms a female form is now inside Murder House's infamous Rubber Suit, but it also delivers a first look at a bunch of other freaky-ass-looking creatures and haunting humans.

True to form, American Horror Stories' first big teaser doesn't seem to provide any episodic footage, and instead is dedicated to setting up the kinds of sordid moods and twisted vibes that the anthological episodes will deliver. Considering the Rubber Suit Woman plays so heavily into the above promo and the season's key art, I'm definitely hoping that pays off early on in the season. Is it possible that Taissa Farmiga's Season 1 character Violet Harmon is inside that suit? That would be a certain kind of sense, considering it was her boyfriend, Evan Peters' Tate Langdon, that donned it throughout Season 1. Granted, things didn't go so well for anybody in that season, though the franchise gave them a happier ending in Season 8's Apocalypse episode "Return to Murder House." Not sure what that says about the end of the teaser, though.

Beyond the Rubber Suit Woman, our first overtly haunting imagery comes in the form of a blink-and-you-missed-it from the monstrous bastard seen above. One quick shot makes it seem like the creature is sleeping upside-down, so could this be hinting at American Horror Stories telling a vampire tale at some point?

american horror stories spider creature

Then there's this abomination seen crawling on the ceiling before dropping down and causing every last nightmare. WTF is this monstrosity? Is it a spider-person? A medical experiment who had too many arms sewed on? I honestly don't have any other guesses, because they

Following that mess, a woman is shown holding a screaming baby, which is always a good omen in a show like this. Wait, did I say "good omen," because I meant to say "hellscape of horrors." But that's largely because American Horror Story's first season introduced the Infantata and completely disrupted life as we know it. Any child on this show that isn't walking yet is automatically nightmare fuel, so I can only hope the mom is cool with terrible things happening.

Then there's this blurry Slender Man-looking sumbitch watching TV static, as one does. Anybody with overly long appendages and a mask also counts as nightmare fuel for me, so I'm cool if this dude is not at all involved with any of American Horror Stories' episodes.

american horror stories ax man

And finally, just prior to Rubber Suit Woman facing Rubber Suit Man and totally blasting him out of existence, at least theoretically, we have this homicidal, ax-swinging maniac. Incidentally, this guy makes me wish that Ryan Murphy was involved with plotting out WWE storylines and crafting gimmicks for wrestlers.

With so much anthology madness in store for audiences, American Horror Stories will hit streaming via FX on Hulu on Thursday, July 15, hitting right in the middle of the 2021 Summer TV season.

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