Fans Are Split On Kim Kardashian's Wild New Eyebrow Look (Or Lack Thereof)

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Kim Kardashian has perfected the art of shock-and-awe when it comes to her look over the years. Whether it be candid nude photos in her Selfish book or the gravity-defying, Internet-breaking stunt for Paper Magazine, her personal aesthetic tends to be a little wild, not to mention divisive. Usually, it’s peanuts compared to the latest happenings in her and her family’s social lives. But her latest eyebrow look, or lack thereof one should say, has divided fans once again.

The Keeping up with the Kardashians star, soon to be Hulu global content star, recently took to Instagram with a fresh series of outtakes from a photoshoot for her “Outdoor Basics” line of her Skims brand. (If you head over to the company’s website, you can see less grungy versions.) In her pics, Kim Kardashian is sporting blonde hair and bleached eyebrows. They’re so bleached, in fact, that they appear gone entirely. Check them out below:

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Suffice to say, Kim Kardashian's drastic eyebrow change has polarized fans in the Instagram comments. Of course, her friends are weighing in with ecstatic support. Simon Huck (who Kardashian was heard talking to on her reality show about Kanye West) said he was “obsessed” and Jonathan “Foodgod” Cheban likened it to Madonna, saying, “Blonde ambition tour!!!”

Likewise, some of Kim Kardashian's 231 million Instagram followers are loving the hidden eyebrow stylistic choice. One fan wrote, “You never miss a LEWK Kim.” Another said, “Yesss A lil Blonde don’t hurt!”

Other responses to Kim Kardashian's lack of eyebrows were not as favorable. Many even suggested that it made her “look old.” One user wrote that the concept was “cool” but not necessarily on her.

As commonly seen on social media, a lot comments are jokes at a celebrity’s expense. Spectators took one look at Kim Kardashian’s bleached eyebrows and immediately started comparing it to other big names. She was called “Marilyn Manson Kardashian” and “Jeffree Kardashian Starr.” (The latter of whom alludes to the beauty YouTuber who was accused of hooking up with Kardashian’s husband, Kanye West.) Another comment would say she was “channeling Donatella Versace vibes.” Meanwhile, one said she “looks like Roger Smith from American Dad.” Roger is an alien, for those who didn’t watch the Fox show.

Kim Kardashian's wild eyebrows aren't permanent, however. We caught the reality star in the midst of creating the look back in the beginning of May. She has since returned back to her natural darker color. What has changed, though, seems to be the dynamic with her soon to be ex-husband Kanye West. The rapper has been reportedly dating Bradley Cooper’s model ex-girlfriend and has even, apparently, taken to unfriending all of the Kardashians on Twitter.

It seems relentless controversy and marital issues be damned. Kim Kardashian still manages to channel the interest into content for her brand, particularly the eyebrow(less)-raising kind.

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